Thursday, August 9, 2007

Turning the tide

Sheesh-for someone trying to live the simple life I still bring in an awful lot of stuff. Lately snake cages, an exercise machine and food have been coming in. (No job means cooking for one's self again). Time for some outflow-

So I craigslisted the kayak. That was tough-I've never actually used it-but now that I am not in Dallas I can't find a group to start kayaking with. And realistically, I won't do it alone.

And...the cubicle. It's taking up valuable real estate in the garage, and now that I'm HERE, I can borrow Daddy's truck, and my cousin has a flatbed I could probably borrow. I looked at converting it into a camper-but that is a recipe for an expensive disaster.

Still trying to rehome the dog sulky-maybe I SHOULD get a big old dog and trot it around with my sulky.

Cousin is coming to pick up the mattress and the treadmill on Saturday-so I will have oodles of space and I can start putting up shelves, setting up the snake room.

It's all about letting go of what you don't use to make room for what you will use.

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