Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Homeward bound

Daddy sounded old and tired on the phone. Uncle John has a left a message too-so now I am feeling that old guilt about being "away". I think it's a woman thing-we feel like we have to be available 24/7 in case someone has a thought or a wish or a desire.

Now I have e-mail and cell phone but I've been bad about leaving my cell phone on this week-I've enjoyed being away. And the truth is, I can't afford to go to Mexico for every break I want to take. Sometimes I just need to shut the thing off.

Shutting it off is not the problem-it's the stress of turnng it back on. WHAT if someone called? Even the thought that someone missed me is not comforting-my actions have caused someone to be sad (missing me).

The kids were a great contrast to my elderly kin, but I did get a pang (or two) for my own daughter and my grand daughter whom I've never seen. I'm sending them celestial hugs right now-be safe, know you are loved.

Somehow its safer to have thoughts like that sitting in the Tampa airport waiting for a plane. Sometimes it's good to be where nobody knows your name.

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