Sunday, August 12, 2007

Much Ado

Nothing more was said about the horse. I took Dottie over last night (I try to take a dog over every night) and was invited to lunch today. Mom is too distracted with my brother coming to visit and our plans to leave a day before HE leaves. He knows about our plans and has plans of his own, but the overlap is making her nuts.

I'm sure there was some discussion along the vein of "she'll do what she pleases" but nothing more was said...OH JOY JOY JOY. Before I actually BUY the horse I will tell her about my plans to go Shark Diving next fall-that should provide a tidy diversion.

I'm bored with not weighing, but I am not going to weigh until I get my band filled. The early days are too up/down all around and it's very tempting to want to keep up the same rate of loss as on the liquid diet-so I really just try not to think about it (weight loss) and focus on what I need to do right now.

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