Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How not to make a protein shake

I was virtuous and froze fresh fruit the night before. I let it soften, then dumped it in the blender. Added protein powder and probiotics, all the while reflecting on the fact that I am still out of sorts. I paused in my naval gazing to ponder just why the soy milk was brown. It was white yesterday, and while I AM having trouble with change now, brown is never a good sign.

Turns out I was using beef broth. My bad. I threw it all away and built a new concoction after rejecting the urge just to go back to bed. I was soured on the whole milk idea so I added Fage yogurt instead of soy milk. More probiotics. Some green algae crap and a tablespoon of real brown sugar....YUM.

I retired to my chair with my new, improved drink, still in a bad mood. Then it hit me-pouring beef broth in a fruit drink is really kind of funny isn't it? If I called someone to whine that I poured beef broth on my fresh frozen fruit-they'd laugh at me. I know I'd laugh at them if the roles were reversed.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the goal or the process we forget to see the ultimate humor in common, everyday disasters. Like most writers, a typo can send me into peals of laughter. I truly love typos-although I like other peoples better than my own. So, why not beef broth?

Remember to enjoy your own mistakes today.

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Michele said...

Hey, maybe your subconscious knew you needed some beef protein : )