Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Domestic (Help) Bliss

I decided yesterday to just start making decisions. I've really been stuck stuck stuck and I hate that feeling.

Got a tree coming out to evaluate the pine tree in the front yard. Now the original husband to this house planted the tree, and Ms. D (who died here) loved that tree. But I think it's on its way out (note proper use of its, it's) and I don't want it blowing over on my car or someone elses. Besides, I can't add to the list of people I want to please a person who is no longer here-though I will continue to take good care of the roses and the fig Ms. D.

Got a siding/screen kind of company out and set up the repair of my sunroom (which will be cornflower blue on the outside and kind of sort of match the outbuilding, a single carport (brick colored to match the house) and I am screening in the weird brick picture frame flowerbed to make an atrium/dog pen/snake room. It will be white with a 24 inch kick plate and eliminate the disturbing useless square without alarming the neibhbors.

I hated making the call, I hated getting the figures, but once we got down to the swatches and colors I was all happy again. Matching the outbuilding to the sunroom and coordinating it with my red brick was a feat, but I am proudest of the snake room, which will be an entire walk in avairy for less than the price of a garden window which was my first idea, and if truth be told, less than the price of a premium snake cage. THINK BIG Pinky Dinky Do........

And then I made the call that made my heart sing-Molly Maids. Let's face it, I am never going to be Martha Stuart. I was sooooooo happy with my Maid service in Dallas-I felt in control and in charge for the first time ever of my house and it freed my mind for those other trivial things like earning money.

Now I can sit here and worry about what people will think, a quasi unemployed woman who can't (or won't clean her house) or I can get the pine sol smell running and recharge my brain with a clean house. I'm NOT my mother but I do enjoy a nice clean house and I'm willing to pay for it.

I was up front with the service about the snakes and we worked out a solution (they will clean the sunroom instead of the snake room-so all my public (ooooh, that is a funny typo when it happens) will be blissfully sparkling.

Ugh now I just have to clean the house before the maids get here.

I'm really glad I got that settled. Whew!

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