Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KMAT-Ho Ho Ho (really tasteless off color today)

A very special kiss my ass goes out to Hobby Lobby-they at this moment have Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorations for sale. Give me a break and KMA too! I'm trying to cope with a family cook out next week-and you want me to think about THE Holidays? I never finished the horse Christmas tree I was making last year-I don't even know where it is at the moment-KMA!

Oops, I forgot to add my ass to the post. Wait a minute.

THERE-NOW Kiss My Ass Hobby Lobby.

Kiss My Ass Enzyte Commercials. On one hand, I do enjoy the idea that some insecure man might be made to feel uncomfortable or inadequate. Yes, that IS mean-but ladies, how many times has an add or a commercial made you feel less than? So, I do enjoy the justice part, but the whole thing with the office ladies lined up to sit on Smilin Bob's lap because he has a big dick......that kind of negates the justice part. I don't want to see commercials about big dongs, douches, or toenail fungus, mucus....Kiss My Ass all of you gross commercials.

In the spirit of the holidays-KISS MY ASS Firecracker Poppers who Pop after 10 pm.  Kiss my ass and by the way you are stupid.....because I am far more likely to call in and complain after 10 pm than BEFORE.  Pop your firecrackers, but if you set off those damn pop bottle rockets I'm gonna find you and shove one up your ass.  Yes, moron, burn your own house down, not mine.

Yeah yeah, I was a kid once, but really, REALLY people-burning down your neighbor's house is just a sucky way to celebrate a holiday, don't you think?  That is second only to the morons who still shoot a gun straight up in the air at midnight on New Year's Eve.   Yeah, live ammo. 

 How the South is ever going to rise again with such genius in the gene pool is beyond me, but I can take comfort in the fact that it probably won't.

Now-back to gross stuff.  I hate to say it, but Animal Planet, Kiss My ASS for your new series about parasites.  I can't even stand to watch the commercial.  (Yes, they are parasites that invade humans).  

And speaking of parasites, TLC, Kiss My Ass for your oh so Tasteful program of John and Kate, the 1st 10 years.  This whole low budget reality TV thing has just hit a new low.  What ever happened to imagination and story telling?  Well, the story telling is still there I suppose, because what is depicted is not real.  REAL divorces don't make for pleasant TV viewing.  So, KISS MY ASS (unless you show Kate running off with smiling Bob and leaving the kids with John, for the new series John, No Kate, Must Masturbate).

That was kind of low, even for me.  I may have to tell my own self to Kiss My Ass.


Mim said...

it may be low but it's funny as hell! mornin' deb!

soulbrush said...

i haven't got a clue what you're talking about, but i say KMAT to you too.
mine is new denture,,,KMFA, I am in agony, scraped gums, blistered mouth.KMFA!!!!!

Michele said...

Darn funny. So here goes mine ... this is my favorite part of the week by the way: People who wait until the day before to invite my daughter to a birthday party can KMA. It's called a dayplanner. Look into it for goodness sake. Disney World for charging so freaking much to get inside their parks. They can totally KMA. Texas heat ... a big KMA. It's been like a 100 degrees for weeks now. Enough already. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Whew, I feel better.

Michele said...

oh wait, one more ... recruiters who call me about a job, email me the job description and request for my salary requirements and when they don't like what I have to say, they don't even bother to email me back and tell me to Kiss their arse. Well, the can KMA.

Debra Kay said...

Disney can KMA too-I have a time share week IN the park and I still have to pay the entrance fee......By the time I fly out, pay the fee, that's all I could do-no swimming with sharks, no nuthin. Hmph. John got sick and I didn't go on that trip, but I really don't regret it.

It's sad, really. I couldn't afford amusement parks until my kid got grown. That's kind of messed up. They market to the kids, and then charge the parents out the wazooo.

Disneyland in Anaheim is a great park, and it is much more affordable, at least it was a few years ago when I went. The off park hotels all have shuttles, and there is affordable eating all around. But the beaches are a long way away, and the ocean there sucks. (Sorry California peeps, but it's true-it's cold and dark and the Great White Shark is there).

Debra Kay said...

Recruiters are the pond scum of the business world.

Debra Kay said...

A late KMA to people who let their dogs pull THEM all over the place, in class. What makes you think that you get, oh, 10 feet of space while I must keep my dog on a short lead to keep her from snapping at YOUR rude dog's nose when it jumps in my dogs face?

I realize this is a perfect opportunity for my dog to learn to be tolerant, but really, human being, KMA and control your damn dog.

And, the dog in question was not a big dog, and the errant owner was a man. Go figure.

kj said...

what mim said: me too.

i like this kma weekly rant. i find it very..well...asspiring...