Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Luck Beach

Yesterday Beach Avenue went to his forever home. The adopter were approved, and they came to the adoption event to pick out THE one. It turned out be be Beach. Beach had recently suffered a set back-he had to have part of his tail amputated, so I was really glad he was the one for them. Inga, their other dog, a greyhound/deerhound mix, fell absolutely in love with him, and honestly, he was smitten too. He left without looking back.

We, the left behind, cried tears of happiness and some sadness too. His leaving means he has a forever home, and another dog can come into the program, but it also means I won't get to sit and pet him next month.

Unfortunately, there are always more to pet. This is Tipp Toby, my current favorite. We almost fell asleep (well he DID fall asleep). I was leaning most unladylike out of my chair, rubbing his side and we just kind of relaxed and dozed. For a grey, he's very food motivated and would be a breeze to train. I am a sucker for a trainable dog.

Greys are the perfect couch potatoes, they do need to run, but they are sprinters, not marathon runners (like salukis) so a morning romp means about 20 hours of nap time. A retired track dog is almost always kennel trained and has impeccable manners.

For a big dog, they are surprisingly not doofy or clumsy in the house. After Molly gets her therapy dog certification (and gets over being a snotty teenager) we'll probably be bringing one home to partner with her on her therapy work. (My other dogs are too ME focused to be good therapy dogs).

I would encourage anyone who is interested in owning a dog to consider these gentle, graceful animals.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My daughters friend had one of these retired racers for a pet for many years. It was as you say gentle, smart and loads of fun to be around.

soulbrush said...

now this is one dog i have never given a secind glance to..i will look at the next one i see more carefully next time.

Debra Kay said...

I honestly had bad opinons about sight hounds because I used to work with Afghans and Salukis as a groomer. These dogs are nothing like the dogs I worked with (flighty and nervous). Their track experience has made them very well mannered, and yet, like most rescued dogs, they are grateful.

And, unlike most hounds, many of them are not aloof-they love to snuggle and be petted.

Julie said...

WHat a great sTory! I am happy for Beach!!

studio lolo said...

I adore greys!!

yay Beach!

Michele said...

They are so cute.