Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 13 Things I want to work on

1. I'm working up to having more ambition-I'm still pretty lazy.

2. Molly and Moon need to be worked on a regular basis. Molly did great in her class Tuesday, Moon starts his next month. They both should be superstars-and they can be if I work them.

3. Casper needs his work out stepped up too. He was a pasture ornament for years, I got him moved a couple of months ago and got very sick-so I still haven't ridden him and I had to start back at square one last week. By the end of the month he'll be under saddle and ready for the trainer. (It's been a long time since I trained a horse, but so far it's all been common sense).

4. My cooking skills are improving-I've set a goal to enter three recipes in three different contests in the next few months. I've been working on them over the past few weeks. It's a way to move out of my comfort zone. Yes, snakes, no problem, cooking scares me.

5. I want to work on friendships more than I have-I haven't been as good a friend to anyone as I'd like to be. I know I've been ill but I'm not ill any more and there is work to be done!

6. I am going to set aside an hour each day to write-or at least stare at the screen while I think about writing.

7. I'd like to work on remembering that I don't have to get it all done today-progress is what counts, not perfection.

8. I'd like to get back the upper body I had going before I got really sick. That was largely a result of the horse work I was doing-so number 3 is going to help that. Grooming a horse is the only thing I've ever done that seemed to make a difference in my arms.

9. I'd like to take some sort of art class by the end of the year.

10. I'm going to compost and prepare the garden for a fall crop (and research the timing of said crop.....).

11. I'd like Molly to have her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications by the end of the year. Not setting any goals for Moon dog-agility is physical as well as mental, and I don't want him pushed too hard.

12. I'd like to KILL KILL KILL the grass in my rock garden once and for all and GROW GROW GROW the grass on the bald spots in my lawn. (remember die die monkeygrass?)

13. I'd like to contribute more to the world-just not sure how.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These all sound like great goals to work toward. You can do them. I am glad you are well now.

soulbrush said...

omg just reading these makes me feel tired...what a varied list this is, i shall wait and watch expectantly from my sofa to see what you do do.

dannielo said...

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Julie said...

You sure do have some BIG goals here...especially after your surgery! Go slow and take it easy! Goodness, girl!!! Good luck with all of them!

Hope you are feeling sure sound like you are!!!

kj said...

debra kay, i think you are an amazing woman. your thursday 13 confirms that in so many ways. it is inspirational and delightful to see you moving forward like this.

i want to work on my upper arms too. i'm trying on my summer clothes and though i have a way to go, how nice that much is too large. but those arms need big tightening!

about 'friends', go for it debra kay. you know you have some here; the addition of friends-you-can-hug-in-person will compliment that nicely.

and i think you and i etc should be meeting one of these months, don't you?