Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HAW-let the good times roll

Helllllloooooooo! I KNEW something was up when the woman put me into my little night cage. (Wow, that one python really got BIG-glad he's locked in). But, I got a nice surprise the next morning-she'd cleaned my big cage and moved it out to the sunroom, she says "for the summer". I like it out there-it's warm (that woman keeps the house cold in the summer, silly) and I can fuss at the Moon and his friends.

THEN I saw it-the MOLLY was playing in a big tub of water, bigger bigger bigger than anything I ever had. Hmph. So, the woman got the mister bottle and I got lots of squirt squirt squirts. I was wet and warm and so happy-but I think she should move the dogs out of the sunroom so I can have a big pool like the Molly has.

Don't worry, I still have my stand in the living room so I can get my daily dose of toddler tunes. I can see the parakeets too-but the woman decided they are too small (the woman calls them "inviting targets") so they just got to move closer to the window. They pretty much live in their own little world, focusing on each other. BORING. BORING. BORING.

I like "the summer". It seems like a very good idea, maybe they thought of it just for ME ME ME.....Mister Birdy,Birdy Bird!


NOTE from the Woman: I gave Oliver a big bowl of water to swim in and instead he dumped it on the dog's head. But, I will say, he thoroughly enjoyed that dunking-the dog, well, he got over it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver I am so glad you like your summer digs. It sounds like a marvelous place to be. Now don't be too hard on the dogs.

soulbrush said...

your own summer villa, swimming pool, view of the promenade, and a waitress giving you all you want in the food department. and you didn't even have to leave home. now that's what i call LIVING!

Teri C said...

Geez, Oliver should be a writer, he tells us the most awesome stories!! Or maybe write a book. Love that guy!!


studio lolo said...

Sounds like you're at your own personal spa Oliver! You are one lucky bird bird bird!!

HAW big guy!

yoon see said...

Agree with the rest:)
Write a book is cool, keep it up!

Debra Kay said...

Oooooh, Thank you thank you thank you. The woman retro-fitted my perch so my bum won't hang over the edge. It didn't bother me one bit, but she seemed to dislike it when I poo'd on the floor instead of on the tray. She glued a shorter perch up high-and since I always go to the highest spot, we are both very happy now.

It's so hot I can only go outside in the mornings-dreadful really. In the afternoon I go into the former snake room, now the bird room. MY window overlooks Prissy's run, so I can holler at her all day-except when I'm on my perch listening to toddler tunes.

Ok, sometimes I leave the perch and hide on the shelf and it's sooooooo funny watching the woman freak out and try to find me.....hah hah hah!