Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm so over apples. It's Oliver's new favorite thing and he talks about it all day long. APPLE. OOOOOOH Apple. Good Apple. YESSSSSSSS, Apple.

Only, he asks for Apple when he wants ice. So, we are working ICE-which should be easy to say, but I'm not a bird, so what do I know.

Right now Apples and Crap Juice and ice cubes are IN. Peanuts are out. Roasted Carrots-IN. Raw Carrots-OUT. Seeds will only be consumed if I leave town for a few days and am unavailable to provide fresh food. Pignolias, once a prize, are so/so-SO, I put them away until they are new again because they are too expensive to waste on so/so.

Almonds in the food cup-OUT. Almonds selected from a tin-IN. Dried corn out-but I bet if I bought some fresh on the cobb-it would be a big hit.

I'm sure we could raise an extremely healthy small human on what ends up at the bottom of the bird cage. I really should get some kind of rodent and feed it Oliver's leftovers. I would get a rabbit if I could work out a dog safe corral for it. I kept rabbits for awhile in Dallas, but I hated having them in a hutch-it didn't look like any kind of life at all.


soulbrush said...

ollie go for caviar and champagne next. xx
wordveri:etsomor (eat some more!)

studio lolo said...

It sounds as if someone has a discriminating palate!
I get bored with the same old stuff too, even if it's something I love.
I have a friend who hardle varies her diet. Same with Brian.

Me? I never stray from white wine ;P

How ya feeling my friend? Better I hope!

Mim said...

what a discriminating palate he has and so clever to let you know what is in and what is out.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver is a lucky bird whether he knows it or not.

yoon see said...

If only you know Debra, I guess you are so patience with him!