Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summon the Silence

Remember, you can summon the silence
It awaits your command
The world may not always listen
But silence is always at hand

Let the world fall away
Breathe in serenity's sound
Wherever you are walkng
That too is hallowed ground.

May you all enjoy a silent moment today, my dear, dear friends. I love your comments, your thoughts and wishes, cards, but most of all, I love each and every one of you. You have helped me summon my own silence again, and I thank you.


Julie said...

You know are one of the neatest people!! I love this poem...did you write it??? I love the silence and prefer to spend time alone anyday to noise, talking and bustle! Hope you are feeling better every day! God bless you!

soulbrush said...

silence is bliss. i may seem like a scatterbrained nutter, but i love nothing more than silence around me. but it would be so nice to have a squaking parrot to talk to step at a time debs.

Mim said...

I am one of those people that recharge my batteries on silence and being alone.

love ya debs - be good to you

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A beautiful poem Deb. I am sure that your silence will be healing. Many blessings and healing thoughts going your way.

studio lolo said...

In the middle of stillness~
we hear our own voice.

Wishing you blissful peace and healing.


kj said...

whoever doubts the power of friendship in these-here blogs is missing out on something very very special.

i am honored to witness the love and support around you, debra kay, and in some small way i hope i contribute to it.

this poem is wonderful. i love the last line especially.


soulbrush said...

how you today on cactus monday?

kj said...

award time! please come by when you have a chance!


Michele said...

Such a nice poem and so true. I've started walking every day for just 30 minutes and I love to just listen to the sounds and observe nature. It's my favorite time of day. Thanks for reminding me that it's OK to just be quiet and enjoy.