Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday 13

I'm just going to put up 13 gratitudes today.

1. I am so glad to be able to enjoy the texture of semi solid food again. Roast onions, roasted carrots. Broth is nice, but the actual chewing of a vegetable is beyond compare.

2. Goats-I'm grateful for all the little goats out there making goat cheese (another semisoft food).

3. Parrots-and one in particular, fill my life with incredible sounds and a crazy laughter that can never be silenced.

4. Medical science is high on my list this week-just one week ago my stomach was up in my throat-today I'm walking around and eating and drinking with a few holes in my belly that are healing quickly. Amazing! Truly amazing.

5. My blog friends-I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Every person is a treasure, a rare being that glistens across time and space. I close my eyes and I can see you all sparkle.

6. The improving health of my father-we had quite a scare this past week. It could have been worse, a dermatologist prescribed something she shouldn't have-but we got it fixed and he is improving rapidly. Sooooo grateful am I for that.

7. I was able to pick my first cukes and give them to my Mom this past week. Garden vegetables make her happy, and she needed those this past week. I am so grateful for my garden.

8. Sonny, who can be a handful at times (he's the big python) was a perfect angel during the worst of my illness. What a good boy-thank you very much.

9. Nightbirds. I'm in the burbs and there are streetlights, and during the summer, birds sing all night long. I'm never alone, even now, at 4 am. Thank you for your gentle song.

10. The rain. We had a lovely thunderstorm today-not damaging, no hail, just sweet honest rain. Sometimes we all need a little sweet honest rain.

11. Hope. I seem to have a never ending supply of the stuff, and I am very grateful for how it plays on my life. I don't know how people get along without it.

12. My brain. It gets me into trouble a lot, and sometimes I wish it would back off a bit, but it also gets me out of scrapes and helps make life interesting. 12.1 would be Prozac, which helps me live with my brain....hah.

13. Love. It's all around. Can you feel it? There for the having-we are all so blessed.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is wonderful that you are feeling better and your Father is better too. Hugs and healing thoughts going your way.

studio lolo said...

Nice list. Hope, sweet honest rain (I love that), your dad getting better and nightbirds. It's all good Deb.
I'm glad you're feeling better by the minute.
And btw, I close my eyes and see you sparkle too ;)

Mim said...

Lovely images Deb - the honest rain, the nightbirds and dad. SOooo glad you're better....

kj said...

oh ms. debra kay! i do declare it is so fine to see and hear you so blessedly content. my favorite favorite of your lovely thursday 13 is # 13. yes, i can feel that love too. in fact, it's literally holding me up until i can do that myself. yup, we're blessed.

i am SO happy for you today.


yoon see said...

Cool list. I love #1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

I got to remove my 4 wisdom tooth soon, hope will be fine:)

4 I must eat on time.

5 I am glad to have you Debra as my friend.

6 I am so glad to hear that and wish my skin peoblem slowly improve!

Garden is a healing place!

I wish it could rain drop more in the land of Malaysia. Too hot and dry! It does!!!

11 & 12
Same here:)

13 you too Debra!

Sorry to drop by late but I really want to wish you a happy belated cactus monday.....and a great week ahead!