Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HAW-Betcha Thought I wasn't going to make it

No No NOOOOOOO-never fear, Mister BIRD is here!
Lots going on-the Prissy has come back, as has the Greta and the Cody. I am so glad, I was so tired of that boring woman although she has been bringing me fresh spinach and egg egg egg!!!!!

And ICE ICE ICE-yes, I get an ice cube every day now. Oh oh oh! Good ice good ice!

She tells me parrots are not supposed to have avocados-so I wonder why she bought one. She eats it-it looks mushy and I don't think I'd like it very much anyway. Still, I don't care for things that we can't share.

She asked me to tell you all hello hello hello and not to worry-she's getting a bit stronger each day. It's probably the avocados that she won't share. I mean, really, doesn't that sound like a STORY to you?

The Prissy got a tummy ache while she was gone and has to take medicine twice a day-THAT's pretty funny. She hates it. The woman says if I'm not nice she'll give me a dose via enema. I don't know what an enema is, but from her tone, I think it's not a good thing.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver I am glad you are able to watch over the woman and that the others are moving back in. This must mean the woman is feeling better. Cheers to all and HAW.

studio lolo said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone's home and the woman is doing better!!
Spinach, eggs and ice...does it get any better than that Oliver? Well, maybe some craps.

Tell the woman my post is for her today ;)
Big hugs all around! HAW!!!!!

Teri C said...

Oliver, you are just so loveable and I bet you don't like that title. I know you are taking good care of 'the woman' and I know you are making her feel better.

Is it okay to hug you?

Mim said...

Hi Ollie - an enema is yucky so be nice to the woman! We are all glad to see you and glad you had the energy to come for a visit today

soulbrush said...

omg ollie not the old enema...yikes, keep away from those things. you be a good boid and look after the 'woman' and give her a hug from me. love ya bog boid.

Debra Kay said...

Well well well WELL-the woman said she could eat smushy food today, so she roasted up a turnip, potatoes, carrots-and we ALL ate! Roasted carrots are much much better than RAW.

Then she gave me a bit of apple and some ice ice ice that was purple and tasted like craps. FROZEN CRAP JUICE.

If she treats me like this I'd be nice all the time, probably. I rewarded her by singing APPLE APPLE APPLE. See, I can be nice too.

Julie said...

The woman that owns you sounds really nice!!! Hope she is feeling better!!! Glad she likes yummy for her!