Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday 13-Things I Enjoy

1. I love the smell of horses.

2. I really enjoy rose moss. In the morning the flowers are closed up tight, but by noon, the bright flowers are shining for the world to see-then at night, they close back up again.

3. Videlia onions-I can't get enough of them these days. Roasted, with a few cloves of garlic.

4. I like the throaty sound of my new car (Mustang) and the retro dash. A blast from the past.

5. I really dig picking herbs from my garden and cooking with them immediately.

6. I enjoy watering the lawn (even my bald spot) in the morning. I like the sound of the water and the smell of the wet grass.

7. I like the smell of freshly done laundry.

8. I like rocks. They fascinate me-some of them have layers that tell stories, others tell their stories with the chunks that are missing from them.

9. Water. Bath water, river water, lake water, ocean water, rain water, water in a bottle-I love it all (which is probably why I like watering the lawn-see number 6).

10. I like the feel of freshly shaved legs. It's like losing a quick 10 pounds.

11. I like really old, ugly lamps. If those lamps could talk, I bet they'd have tales to tell.

12. I adore the sound of rain at night, and I love listening to thunderstorms roll in. Thunder echoing down a river is sublime.

13. I love the sounds of 3 a.m.-I feel like the night's muffled noises are just for me.


Teri C said...

These are all things that are worth loving! I do too.

studio lolo said...

I like the smell of a horse barn with the mix of hay, grain and horsie stuff.

It's been years since I've experiences a T-storm. I hope my furry ones will adjust to them. I do love the smell of summer rain though.

Mustang Sally!! That's what I started singing when I saw you bought one :)

I met a lady here who loves rocks. When people want to bring her a gift from a trip she always asks for a rock because of the 'energy' they have.

I love water too. I can never live far from it. I'd die in the midwest or the desert even though visiting those places is nice.

Happy Thursday. I'm glad you're feeling better!

kj said...

jeez debra kay, i read your list and now believe i am a carbon copy of you. if you posted this on a dating service, you'd get 100 takers! (haha)

i love every single thing you do. in fact, i too adore watering the grass and then smelling it.

i'm glad all is well with you.

ps do you notice you don't write about your parents too much anymore? it seems they aren't getting under your skin so much, huh?


Julie said...

Oh, these are such great things to love! I never smell a horse, but I bet it smells as good as my Doozey does!!!

Mim said...

This is great but I want to know more about the mustang. year? color? start there

Debra Kay said...

Just in this morning from gardening/watering-LOL, one of my faves.

Mim, my camera cable is MIA, but the Mustang is an 09 45th Anniversary Edition Pony Car-red, with the black stripe on the side that says "Mustang". The interior is all rounded and retro, and it's modeled after the early 60's fast back.

Before a man led me astray and I became a Camaro head, I was all about the Mustang. I had actually intended to buy one of the new Camaros-but when they delayed production for a year, and created a waiting list, I kind of got annoyed with Chevy. The whole point of the Camaro, Mustang and Charger was sports cars for the common man, and I felt like Chevy betrayed that.

I also looked at a G-6 Convertible, used, but they are quitting production of that in 2010, and in unstable times I wanted a continued production vehicle.

So, I've come full circle again-my second car was red 74 Mustang II Coupe (always bashed in the magazines, but I loved that little car).

I try not to look to external things to make myself feel better, but I'll be damned if I didn't dress up yesterday to go take care of some doctoring and business-so I think the Mustang was a good move.

The fruit doesn't fall far from the vine in this case-my father is a car guy too-and this whole thing was inspired most likely because he traded his truck last week (I went with him and got "the fever"). Neither one of us spend money we don't have on our rides, and we both enjoy it.

I took him to Mazzios in the 'stang the other day and I think he got a kick out of it.

My brother's first car was a lemon yellow 65 Mustang-I can't wait till he gets here to see the new Pony.

soulbrush said...

no 10... did it for me...freshly shaved legs....i don't have enough hair on my legs to shave anymore, so where am i gonna lose that 10 lb? aha maybe my that you are chirpier and feeling good, not too many onions now!