Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HAW-The House Is MINE today

That woman left really early today to have surgery-said she'd be back tomorrow and I could listen to Toddler Tunes the entire time ------WHEEEEE I'm the Big BOSS BIRD. The Big Boss Bird with some pignolias and peanuts and (bleh) some regular bird food.

Last week she hurt my feelings. I was working on some words and I don't like to be talked to when I'm doing that. She thought I said "Want some fish?" and laughed out loud and asked what that was about. When I got sad, she realized I had been trying to say "Want a peach?" and I know she felt bad, but I felt bad too. YOU try talking with a beak and see how easy it is.

I got extra toddler tune time for that.

I hope this hospital thing does what it needs to do-she's been a boring ball of blah lately. I even miss the slimdogs. Not the sharpest beings, but at least they move around an amuse me and make noise. SHE doesn't-she just pukes and whines and wobbles around.

I keep her confused by calling the parakeets "Fred". When they get rowdy I say "HEY FRED, QUIET". I pretty much keep everyone confused by calling the parakeets Fred. That's why I do it.

Sometimes they try to challenge me to a noise duel. I let them play for a bit, making bird noises. But not for long, not me me me. I puke, fart, belch and sing and flap my wingy wingy wings! AAAAAAAAAH! Yes, that's what I do do do! Hah hah HAW HAW HAW!

I win win win again! Happy Animal Wednesday!

PS-When the woman gets back she says we are going to have to drink a lot of crap juice-so finally things are looking my way! HAW.


soulbrush said...

HAW to you big bird and lotsa love and good wishes to the woman for the surgery. now you be a good bird while she's away, ya hear. i'll check up and ask her if you were behaving!

studio lolo said...

We'll be thinking of that woman a lot today.
Please behave the best you can Oliver...we're not asking for a miracle from you!
And when the woman feels lots better she'll be strong enough to buy you some craps and some peaches.

Mim said...

Fermented crap juice! that's what she needs! give her a kiss when you see the woman...tell her that her bloggy friends are thinking of her

Teri C said...

Hey Big Boss Bird, you may become the Big Boss Nurse to that wonderful woman!!

HAW and best to your woman.

marianne said...

ope your woman will be well soon!

kj said...

these comments are just the sweetest.

so my two cents is oliver, please somehow wrap your wings around that woman for me and tell her is is very beautiful.


Mim said...

a late night thought for the woman - I hope she is doing just fine.

kj said...

it's me, right behind mim: she's speaking for both of us, ah, actually all of us.


Mim said...

How is the woman Ollie...? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Debra Kay said...

OOOOOOH-she came creeping in about 2 am this morning (Friday the 5th). She spoke softly and said it was her, didn't turn on the light. I appreciated that because I would have had to shriek at her.

I gave her a full chorus of Mr Bird, I love you Mr. Bird this morning as the sun came up. Nothing for ME ME ME has come out of any bags yet, but I'm waiting patiently.

To encourage her I'm sitting now eating regular old bird seeds where she can see me and know I can be a very easy to keep, cooperative bird when I have to

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Now you behave when the woman comes home Oliver. She needs your love and support even more now.