Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HAW-I'm rollin in CRAPS!

Oh yes yes yes-the woman got a bag of purple craps and I've been eating craps craps craps apple apple APPLE and something called a cashew. I love cashews, but she doles them out one by one-said I'll become fat if I eat too many.

When she opened the white box today I saw a jar of egg yolks in there-so I bet those will be coming soon-egg egg egg!

Yesterday morning the Prissy woke up to early and was whining. I told her QUIET PRISSY! and I heard the woman giggle. I don't see what's so funny-there are rules to follow. I wake up first and I announce when it's time for everyone to get up. First I have to warm up with words I'm practicing on, then I holler at the kitty and mock her a bit. Prissy is supposed to just wait quietly till the woman comes.

When the Prissy wouldn't be quiet, I mocked her too-whine whine whine....THAT shut her up fast. She really hates it that I can talk like a human and a bird and a dog too (and a cat, and a phone and well, anything). Jealous. She's jealous. And she doesn't get craps either. HAH-only Mister Bird gets good good craps.

Oh-the woman got something out of the fridge and she said it was an OLIVE! Isn't that funny they'd name a food after me me me?

Happy Animal Wednesday! Oh, the woman said she got something called a Mustang, but will wait to show pictures of it later. IT's MY DAY-ME ME ME. Mister Birdy Birdy Bird. HAW!


Teri C said...

Oh Oliver, sigh, I just love your outlook on life!!!


soulbrush said...

it seems to me that you and the woman are having far too good a time now that she's feeling better. i think i will have to fly over and instill some discipline back into that place...sounds too happy to me...tee hee HAW mr olive(r)

studio lolo said...

hey Oliver, that was a long dry spell without craps! Sounds like you're getting lots of good stuff. I love cashews!! I'm jealous because I had to give up all my nuts. And you saw eggs in the white box!! This is gonna be a good good week for Mr. Birdy Bird Bird!

Julie said... are amazing, Oliver!!! You make me happy! Hows the "woman" doing these days???

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Animal Wednesday Oliver. I always look forward to hearing what is going on in your world.

Mim said...

wow - they named a food after you? how cool is that! Glad you got the special craps back in your bowl - I'm sure the woman is happy to be feeling better and happy that you're happy