Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rare Current Events Commentary

Wow-lots going on, and yes, I have opinions.

Farrah-so sad. I remember being 20 pounds overweight working as a cashier at TG&Y (a 5 and dime) and having to look at that stupid poster every day and knowing I would never look like that. Now we are more savvy (hah) and know those media images cannot be lived up to by normal people-OK, at least I AM more savvy. Lots of plastic surgery going on in the heartland these days, housewives transforming themselves into trophy wives. But, I never hated Farrah, and I doubt she would have been thrilled to know that poster made me hate myself. Life is so very NOT cut and dried, and to hate her for the poster would, in my opinion, make me as guilty as the media moguls who marketed it. She was much more-a real live human being with hopes, dreams and flaws. And in the end, she wasted away to nothing due to a hideous disease. Beauty is no shield, and I'm sure it had it's challenges too. And a big part of that beauty was the genuine spirit behind that smile-that cannot be faked. I am surprisingly deeply moved by her passing. Media images aside, she did play a part in making me who I am today, and her courageous (ugh, I wasn't going use that word) examination of cancer and what it means to die was an important thing for we, as a nation to see, because we've hidden our illness and old age for too long. Fly free dear angel.

Michael Jackson. Wow. TMZ is saying he's dead. DEAD. Boom, heart attack at 50. Oh mortal coils hitting hard today. As disgusted as I was with his behavior, I always believed (this is going to sound strange) that he was truly and legitimately fucked up and not attention seeking for attention's sake. And understanding that helped me understand and forgive other fucked up people in my life, realizing their action were harmful and hurtful, but I was collateral damage, not a target. Well, that, and I am a sucker for such undeniable talent. And, what a cautionary tale for brilliance being no substitute for mental health. That is a lesson that has lurked in my head and maybe kept me from being really and truly fucked up too.

Jon and Kate-get out of the public eye and don't drag those kids through a divorce for our entertainment and your enrichment. Exploitation is an ugly thing, and I hope and pray that we as a nation don't participate and approve of it with our viewing and advertising dollars. I flinch every time I see the Kate haircut on one of those super mom wanna be's....guess those media images are still all powerful.

Finally-to all politicians-we ALL make choices. If you are going to choose a public life, perhaps you should also choose to be faithful as well. Dragging a family through a public infidelity (hmmm, Jon and Kate, maybe you should read this) seems somehow much more cruel than a run of the mill scoundrel. Now, I'm not a public person, but I have had entanglements, and I always was up front and broke one off before pursuing another. It's terribly uncomfortable-people cry and get mad and it's messy. But it's NOTHING like what happens when you do it the other way, in public. I don't think we choose to fall in and out of love, but we can choose to behave in an honorable way. If the new love is not to be denied (and I can buy that) at least be honest to the old one out of respect for what was. Shit, it's not that hard. Really.


Julie said...

Good thoughts on all of these things! I hadn't heard about Micheal Jackson! I lost 50 pounds to my goal weight back in 1983 by dancing all crazy-like to his Thriller album every day (well, plus a diet regime and calisthenics, and walking 2 miles each day also)! It actually worked and I owed a lot to Micheal for that! I loved him, in a way! My heart was always broken over him...such a sad life...or so it seemed!

soulbrush said...

my kids grew up with mj, dancing to his stuff, having the posters on their walls, and i even made the glove for one of them. i relaly love his music and am terribly sad too. as you say debs, i didn't see any of it as publicity seeking, just a sad little boy in a man's body.

studio lolo said...

Excellent observations and comments. I agree with you.
And you know, I love the last one. I think if you once loved a person and don't love them anymore, be kind and respectful and end it with honesty.
Cheating is one of my all time pet peeves.

I wish today was KMAT. We were stuck in a traffic jam on Donner's pass yesterday for 2 hours. We moved exactly 3.4 miles. The pets were hot and restless even with the a/c on. The first day of this journy hasn't been a good one. Today we're shortening our drive!