Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm going to post my ass up and let you fill in the blanks. Vent away but don't fart too near flames.


studio lolo said...

My Uncle arrived last night but his luggage remained in San Fransisco. KMA!!!!

We were having a wonderful dinner last night but something happened to my husband's eye so we ended up having to leave my Uncle and go to the emergency room (who doesn't take our insurance) and it turned out to be an allergic reaction. KMA!!!!

The forecast (while my 82 year old uncle is here)calls for rain all week. It never rains in the summer, EVER! KMA again!!

In spite of all of this I'm going to insist we have a wonderful week in the rain while my husband squints and my Uncle reunites with his luggage.

DK~ mostly I hope you're comfortable and doing okay. I take it Oliver has everything under control ;)

Happy KMAT!!

Debra Kay said...

Oh yeah, Kiss Lolo's ASS!

I sneaking in to the confessional now for a quiet rant-
DEMANDING PEOPLE_KISS MY ASS. Really. There is a huge difference between can't and won't. I cannot, simply cannot stand up long enough to do this one little thing or that little thing. SO QUIT ASKING.

The camper place sold my trailer before I brought them my title (when they said they wouldn't even put it on the lot). I was in California, ill, and now I'm home, ILL, and I'm not going to stand in a damn long line till I get to feeling better. KMA KMA KMA.

And Dear Old Dad-you probably threw away the claim form we've been waiting on (sorry, but it's true) and I'm not going to give you the info so you can go on the internet and fuck it up. Harsh, but true. I'll do what I can over the phone, but for shit's sake KMA!

And Old Age-Kiss MY ASS. I spent the last volts of energy I had to get my parents to California one last time, and rather than be grateful, they are critical of my going, and of my being sick for so long. Well, fucking SORRY-I only did it to make your life miserable. NOT. KIss MY ASS.

This is pathetic, but I can't wait to throw myself on the IV in the morning to get some sleep. (And when I wake up there had better be some fucking broth).

Oh yeah, that felt good.

Debra Kay said...

Fucking bucket of crap-as soon as I post that my Dad calls, he has made calls on his own, and all is well. Good for him, except now he needs.....and I just said "I'm sorry it will have to wait till I have surgery" and he was very agreeable. So, maybe a slight unkiss-because in his way he's being thoughtful. But Old Age and Floyds Campers, you are still going to pucker up.

Come on needle, come on!

I mean really, what kind of world is this? It's 10:25 AM, I haven't eaten anything that has stayed down for weeks, been on water only for days-I'm in BED and I haven't had TIME to drink a 10 oz glass of water. SHIT SHIT SHIT-KISS MY ASS.

soulbrush said...

Kiss Debra's ASS, all of you, a dozen times, and think of her tomorrow, seems she has to go and have surgery to get any attention from the folks. so all of you KDFA. as for my ass, i won't even start! so you can all KMFA too!!!

Mim said...

I'm kissing..I'm kissing!!!!

Debra Kay said...

LOL-no-I always get attention-I'd like a little less attention if it involves me having to move or think!

Nice storm rolling in and I've had a little grape juice-so all is better now-or as better as it can be.

I'm going to get my tummy pushed back where it belongs, I'll be able to drink again and one day eat-dogs are fed and bills are paid. Life aint all bad!

kj said...

dearest debra kay, ms. emily rabbit posted her story a day early so you might see it before your surgery. it is about janis joplin. just for you.


Debra Kay said...

kj, thank you so much. I'm reading after my "give up even water time" and it made me smile. The rain and thunder are crashing around now, I love it, and a good story is just what I needed.

Michele said...

Too many sunny days in a row - KMA. I am so in need of a rain storm. Let me know how you are doing?