Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We had something called a cool front come through the other day-that meant it only got to 90 degrees and I got to stay outside ALL day.  OOOOOOOH-it's so much fun to yell at the dogs when they try to sleep.  A lot goes on and there is a lot for me to comment on.

The woman figured out her mistake in putting the new freezer on the sunporch-when she came trudging in with ice for the BBQ she had numerous sets of eyes on her, all begging for ice.  So, of course she shared.  She's good about sharing.  ME me me....not so much.

Since I've moved outside, the Moon and the Molly have learned about popsicles-so we pretty much have one every morning.  They can't hold their because their feet don't work right (even though there are four of them), so the woman holds it for them.  The Molly licks when it's her turn, but the Moon has learned to CHOMP and get a big old bite.  The little ones don't seem to understand-so the woman freezes broth for them and they can lick it off the ground.

 The parakeets are too little and dull to eat ice-the woman even has to chop their apple up-silly helpless birds.  Their only redeeming point is that they shiver in fear  and awe when I parade by on my stick on the way out to MY OUTSIDE digs-which of course they don't have because they are silly little helpless things.

Last summer the only peppers that did well were the hot ones-all for ME ME ME Mister BIRD!  This year they are slow, and I don't like the mild ones, so the woman bought me some dried ones.  But I saw her-she used some of them in something called chili-so not ALL for me me me.

AND THEN SHE DID IT....yes yes yes.  I saw her do it-she opened the white box and used the LAST of the shredded cheese on the chili.  MINE MINE MINE.  I was so mad.  CHEESE CHEESE!!!!!  What kind of person eats the last of a bird's good good cheese.  Now there is no yellow shredded cheese for me, ME ME!!!!!

Next thing you know, she'll be eating my craps or offering them to the Molly and the Moon.  Hmph.  In fact, she DID give them blueberries and bites of apple -I SAW IT.  I didn't say anything because I was too busy eating my my MY blueberry, but oh yes, I saw it.

I hope you have a Great and Happy Animal Wednesday, and I hope nobody eats your cheese and you get plenty of ice and craps!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver you get so many wonderful treats. You are a lucky bird to have such a generous woman to take care of you. I mean if she shares her blueberries with you...well she must be wonderful.

Mim said...

I can't believe she used your cheese! I can just FEEL your outrage Oliver! but, blueberries can make up for it don't they,

HAW to you Mr. Ollie - enjoy the weather

studio lolo said...

Well at least the woman can't give your craps to the Molly and the Moon because they're poisonous to, slims. As few as 6 grapes can kill a big dog. I never knew that until this year!

You must be loving the new digs Oliver! I'd love to live on a sunporch. You're so lucky!

HAW big guy! Stay cool ;)

Teri C said...

Oliver, I so look forward to hearing from you every week!! You could write a book!


Debra Kay said...

No no no! No craps for dogs-but the woman nibbles on them-I've SEEN IT! Yes. She'll bring a handful out and take one for herself. She even says "yum, good good crap!"

I KNOW it's a good good crap, that's why I want it.

I don't fuss too much, she brought some banananananana things home too. They are so messy, but so good!

This morning she said it was Egg Day! EGGS EGGS EGGS. Oh yes, I love eggs. We'll just have to see if there is any CHEESE on those eggs. There had better be, and none of that goat cheese...pffffw.


soulbrush said...

i agree with teri, you should write a book, with photos to show us -actually we could do with a movie next time..
did you know that you are my best friend in the whole world...and i would love to come and stay with you on your porch..whataboutit? say yes say yes then we can both eat thses delishus things...your best friend, ssssoul (sexy, smart, sassy soul)

Debra Kay said...

OOOOOOH Soul-if you come visit me will you bring lots of cheese and craps? We can set up my CD player on the porch and listen to country and western and toddler tunes! Yes yes yes!

You can fill up the big bath dish in the bottom of my cage and then I'll DUMP IT on the dogs! Ha ha ha-that's so funny. It's good for them-they need to have water dumped on them-and THEY can't dump it themselves. Moon carries the water bowl around and Molly swims in it-dumb dumb dumb.

The woman showed me the picture you did of Bette. She says I will never freeze because she bought a generator. Of course, if she keeps on eating my cheese I might starve to death.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!