Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Happy Happy Happy HAPPY Animal Wednesday! Wooooooooo! Wooooooooooooo! Woooooooooo!!!!

Doncha just love it? It's MEEEEEEEEEE, me me me me me-Mister Bird, Mister Birdy Birdy Bird! It's so good to be me-and I get to be me every day of my life! I wake up, and LOOK-there I am, still me, still wonderful. Of course, other beings wake up and are NOT me, which might be bad except for the ones I live with-they get to be WITH me, which is second best to being me me me.

The woman bought some cherries this weekend and she made a terrible mistake. She brought the box out with her so she could put the pits in it (I can't eat pits). But all the furry dogs saw it, and they wanted some too. They can't eat pits either, so she had to stand there and pit her good good cherries for me me me and the dogs. HAW!

I like it when we all stand around eating the same thing. Of course, I also like it when I get to eat something no one else does. Yes yes yes. Dogs don't get craps.....heh heh! All for me me me!

The weather has been so nice sometimes I stay out all day and all night-I don't even come in for Toddler Tunes. I've been whistling a lot-sometimes I can hear the Macaw down the street. The woman says if I start to shriek I have to come in-so I don't shriek. I don't NEED to shriek. If I need to exclaim, I say "Good LORD! Lordy Lordy Lord" I don't need to squawk. If something startles me I say "Huh?"

Ha ha ha! It's so much fun to be me. I wish you could all be me for just a minute or two. Yes, I would share but only for a minute-then it's back to being ME ME ME!

The woman had a shiny thing she kept holding up between us. I don't understand that at all. We usually just have as stick for me to stand on. We'll have to see about THAT.


Julie said...

What a pretty bird!!! I know he is one smart cookie!!! He has such cute legs. So good looking boy! Thanks for showing him to us up close and personal!!! Have a wonderful Animal Wednesday!

soulbrush said...

yay! i see you mr gorgeous birdy bird. you are sooo handsome, yes you are, you know you listen very carefully, i would like one of these films every week and next time, talk to me...please...'allo soulbrush, allo joss, pretty girl joss' something like that would be good!!! i did love hearing the woman's voice again...yah!

studio lolo said...

I have to find my speakers!!!

Hey Oliver, you're sure in a super good mood today! I can only imagine how wonderful it is to be YOU YOU YOU!!!!
And you're getting pitted cherries? The woman is so good to you!

Okay Mr. Birdy Bird Bird, I have to keep looking for my art supplies now.

catch you later!!


Teri C said...

Oh boy, I just saw the movie star and glamour boy that you are and how fun to hear the woman's voice.


Debra Kay said...

You can SEE me? It must have something to do with the shiny thing. Yes yes yes!

HAW-I never talk when the woman is in the room. I YELL at her when she's not in the room. She keeps trying to see me move my beak to see how I do it.

She mentioned something about a camera trap....what's THAT? I'll bite it if it tries to trap ME, ME ME....Mr. Birdy Bird.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a handsome fellow. He is naughty and you got it on film.

Mim said...

What a great video debut for mr. birdy. And I love the narrator's little accent - ain't it cute? I think that your woman should keep filming you Mr. B - you're gorgeous

Debra Kay said...

Wait till I finish my late summer molt-I'll knock your socks off!

Michele said...

Ahhh, I needed that on a boring Friday afternoon. Thanks for entertaining me Mr. Bird.