Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!  It's my parent's anniversary, also my niece's, a national day off work (with pay if you are fortunate) and probably the most grilling intense day other than Labor Day for all my fellow Americans.   Fireworks, beer and bratwurst abound.

Like many holidays, I think we get so caught up in the celebration, we forget why we are celebrating.  As a child, I thought we were celebrating "freedom from English rule" and probably the founding fathers WERE.  But that is long ago and far away.

Now, what I'd like for us to celebrate is how lucky we are to have choices.  Having grown up here, I forget how fortunate I really am.  I can post what I want to on this blog, dress how I want to, eat what I want to and when I want to.

I have the freedom to choose so very many things that others do not:
How I spend my time
My opinion on an event
What kind of work I'd like to do
Where I will work
What doctor I will see if I'm ill
If I will have children or not, or how many
If I will go to school, or not, or for how long
What I will study
What I will say, write, think or do
Where I will live

What saddens me a bit is that many Americans really don't see the choices that are available to them.  Choices don't mean that the things you want are given to you-life isn't a big pay one price and take all you want buffet.  But, we do have options that many do not have-even the option not to exercise them.

I don't always agree with everything we do as a country, but I am grateful for this country and the right to disagree.


Mim said...

you got it right on! Perfect post for today - have fun Debs

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are right Deb. Everyone should count their blessings today. Happy 4th to you too.

kj said...

so much i agree with you, deb, but then i think of my 12 year old client who's getting kept back because her mother either couldn't afford or couldn't figure out how to come up with $ 125 for summer school.

our us of a is a great country, that's for sure, but opportunity is not always equal. then i think of our beloved human being and i am reminded we are so far ahead of so many other countries.

one world: that's what i want...

love you,

soulbrush said...

good post
not always good world.

Julie said...


studio lolo said...

great thoughts. Interesting comments too, and all true as well.

I hope it was a swell day for you!