Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here's My Ass-Get Ready to Kiss It~

1. News media coverage of Michael Jackson.  He's DEAD.  END OF STORY, Kiss My ASS
2.  Ice cream-KMA and Get OFF My ASS-sheesh.
3. People who sneer at art-Kiss My ASS bigtime
4. Bugs on My Eggplants-Kiss my ass and DIE
5. Flies-Kiss My ass and DIE
6. FLEAS-Kiss My Ass and DIE
7. Sarah Palin-Kiss My Ass and shut the fuck up and quit trying to capitalize
on your single mom daughter.  It happens, you needn't get richer, you media whore.
8. Bare grass spots-Kiss My Ass and GROW DAMMIT
9. Family politics-Kiss My Ass and grow up
10. Unfilled Lapband-Kiss My ASS-I could eat a small molly mule.  

Today's KMA is sort of a tourette's syndrome of annoyance.  Feel free to chime in!


Julie said...

Oh, ho, ho...LOL...yeah...you hit everything right on the ASS!!! Great list...I am particularly fond of the "I could eat a small molly mule" one.....me too right at this moment!!!

The world is strange...my latest way of dealing with it is to not read the paper or watch the news...they can kiss my ASS!!!!!

I'm outta here...going to find some breakfast in the lobby while husband sleeps!!!

Michele said...

I stopped reading the paper and watching the news ages ago ... I'm never in the know but I'm happier ... agree depressing news can KMA. People who try to cheer me up when I don't want to be cheered up can KMA. The headache I have today - KMA. Our sucky economy - KMA. The Texas heat - KMA. Holy cow I'm in a bad mood. I could go on forever : )

soulbrush said...

fales people
loud noises
mobile phones on trains
but snuffles
i love you!

Debra Kay said...

LOL! I also want to say that I am actually watching part of the memorial service-I have no quarrel with MJ. But the fact that he is dead is not "news".

The public would have been better served by periodic playing of some of his tunes/videos out of respect instead chopped up clips with newscaster voice overs-boring-and somewhat disrespectful. I can imagine Michael, where ever he may be, saying "shut up and let me SING"

studio lolo said...

I don't have a problem with MJ either but the media coverage is ridiculous. Brian said by the time we get to the east coast (which is taking for-f-ing ever)news of MJ will be on page 2.

Oh, poisonous spiders that bite my boobs, KMA!!!!!!

hah, word veri=comentr!!

soulbrush said...

false people, not fales people!kmfa
mj's service, so stilted and false!!! again, he seemed so alone stuck there in the middle of everyone,on show again, yet all alone!!!I agree, let's hear the music and kmfa the rest!