Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday 13 Blasts from the Past

My brother showed me how to use a USB hard drive enclosure to recover things from my long dead lap top. Some of these you've seen, some you haven't.

1. Dottie-I still miss you my love.

2. Pasht-I'm glad you are still with me old girl. This was a few years ago.

3. Flower from a floral arrangement I got when I had surgery a few years ago.

4. Budding flower in my yard.

5, Succulent.

6. Top of Frankencactus (rest in peace).

7. Pretty Lucy-she's a lot bigger now but still very pretty.

8. Pretty Greta and her then new harness (long since destroyed by Cody).

9. Andy Warhol and a funny photographic accident. (Miss you funny little snake.)

10 A very rude tree in my backyard in Dallas.

11. Playing on photoshop-Chinese Food Nightmare.

12. The name on this file is Buggy-I have no idea why.

13. More silly play.

Old photos and files are fun-don't you think?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Old photos can be so entertaining. Like the one you don't have any idea why it was named as such. That first little doggie loooks awfully sweet. And that rude tree trunk. LOL...

studio lolo said...

I love old discoveries!

Greta sure has Emma similarities :)

And sweet Dottie...good to see her again.

soulbrush said...

the succulents and the flower and the dead tree trunk and greta...aaaaawww i can see you had fun...depends what i find, if it had good memories then that's okay, if not then i wish i hadn't found it...know what i mean?

Debra Kay said...

I delete anything with bad memories, unless it's a legal document. I don't need 'em. I always thought of pictures as things I WANT to keep, so I never felt obligated to keep anything I didn't want.

I tossed out my entire stash when I was in my late 30's-and moved on. It was very cathartic, and yes, there are a couple I wish I had back, but their loss hasn't killed me at all, and I'm better for not carrying around the old baggage.

And, the good memories are still with me-I can call them up at will.

I also don't do a lot souveneir type things-I will buy a t-shirt or jewelry if I like it-or sometimes a pot or pan...I'd rather have everyday useful things from places I go and visit, not a sign that says "I visited there"...I KNOW I did. Somehow, pulling out a bowl I bought in Sarasota makes me very happy. Half my kitchen gadgets are from road trips...LOL.

kj said...

i love this!!! i wish i knew how to retrieve files from my three, count them, three--old laptops. yay for your brother.

i love your thursday 13's. and all your critters.


Debra Kay said...

KJ-just get someone to move the hard drives-and buy a UBS cradle for it-they are probably all the same size, Hook up the cradle to your current computer, and you will be able to see the files. MY cradle cost 10 bucks....such a deal!