Friday, July 31, 2009

New Ground

Ok, I'm putting it out here, in semi-public.  When I journey fourth in October, I'm not going to retrace any steps.  AAAAGH.  That means no Philly, NYC or DC.  If I want to go there later, I can, but the whole purpose of the road trip is to see new things.   AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

There is an entire country between here and there.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.   How will I ever fall in love with new places if I keep going back to old places I love...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. 

The shortest route is weird-it goes up through Buffalo and then back down to Mass.-probably has something to do with all them thar mountains.  The other benefit (to me) is that if I go that way I won't be tempted to divert to the other places.  I'm just not sure Canada and Niagara falls  could be as wonderful as the Smithsonian.

You guys help keep me strong please.  Everyone of those other towns has frequent plane fare sales and I could go for a long weekend quite easily.....but it's very hard to be near them and not partake.  I really want to spend the week I'm in Provincetown IN Provincetown, as near the shore as possible, snarfing as much seafood as I can hold.

But, I have that other 7 days....which could be divided into 4 hard driving days and 3 piddling days, or 7 semi-diligent days with one long side trip...........and about a thousand different routes.

I've got to have some plan-knowing it will be a loose plan because I'm so easily sidetracked when on the road.  And I'm giddy with the whole 2 week thing.  I've traveled a lot, but I don't think I've ever been away and not touched base for two whole weeks.  And, my hospital experience this year proved the dogs could board for a lengthy time and not be forever scarred.  Oh, this is dangerous knowledge.


laughingwolf said...

lol... since you're going 'fourth in october', one assumes the 4th is when you leave to go forth? :O

btw - dinner's at 6:06 pm, just cuz :P lol

studio lolo said...

There's so much of the Cape to see besides wonderful Provincetown. That alone ought to keep you busy the whole time!

Debra Kay said...

Oi a typo-I'll probably actually go forth on the sixth, but maybe it will be the fourth or the seventh. Too soon to say.

I know Lolo-but I want to see at least one cool thing en route too-or I might as well fly.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

When we drove to TX this winter it was the first time we had driven such a long route. It was fun being able to take side stops and see the country as we hadn't seen it before. Just make up your mind that you are on vacation and try to relax. I know how hard it is to do that but I think you will enjoy your trip a lot.

Debra Kay said...

Lisa-I love road trips for that very reason. I get way toooo relaxed on the road though, so I need parameters.

One of my dream trips is just to leave with no destination in mind. I used to do that on a much smaller scale, but in my dream I take a month and just go see what's out there.