Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday 13 Things I've Tried (with results)

1. Blu Bandoo hat-that is supposed to keep you cooler on a hot day. I hate to say it-it does appear to work.

2. Billy May's Fly Catcher-I bought this in honor of the late great BM-but it sucked eggs. It stank a lot, the water turned brown, but no flies met their demise.

3. One of those European wipe the hair off your legs and underarms things-I couldn't put my arms down for days.

4. Furminator-I love it, and my dogs love it. It's just a fancy schmancy shedding blade, but it seems to be a little safer for the dog and handier for the human.

5. Sham Wow-a very high priced ugly towel, but Mom wanted to try them and wouldn't buy them, so I bought some and gave her mine. WOW.

6. Hercules Hooks-I'm always misplacing my hammer, so I do like these.

7. Zero Gravity Lounge chair 60 dollar knock off-SIXTY dollars for lawn chair. But I kept in in the living room when I was sick with my hernia-it was the only thing I could get the "right angle" to be able to sleep without choking to death.

8. Gator Grip-I have one and I've never used it-but dang it, I'm ready should I need to grip something! The one time I needed it, the neighbor rushed in with the properly sized metric tool. Oh well.

9. Pedi Paws-Ok, mine is made by dremel. I do like it much better than nail clippers and my dogs do too. But, if you already HAVE a dremel tool, just buy some sandpaper and use your dremel tool.

10. Spa towel....yes, it's a towel with a piece of velcro around it-and I LIKE it because it is less likely to drop unexpectedly.

11. Turby twist-fun, but totally unnecessary with my thin hair.....LOL. It does look nice with my spa towel though, although both never seem to be clean at the same time.

12. Crocs-I used to really like them, ugly as they are. But when watering the garden, etc, they get slippery and you can twist your ankle while inside your Croc, at least I can.

13. Grass Plugs Via Mail order-complete and utter waste of time, money and postage. I should have suspected something was up when the instructions began with "don't worry if your plugs appear to be dead" . Clever bastards KNEW I wouldn't write to them to admit I just plugged an entire lawn with dead grass plugs.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are far more experimental than I am. I just plug along with whatever I am used to using.

studio lolo said...

When Farrah and MJ died I told Brian someone would be next because it comes in threes. He came into the house and said "you're right...Billy Mays died!" WTF?? I guess he was famous in his own right. And I hear he was a really nice guy.

I don't buy many gadgets but I sure have wasted my time on many diet promises!!

Hey, I'll try to make it to P-town to see you!!! That would be so much fun! And what a perfect time of year. Wow!

You can rent bikes btw, you don't have to drive for that reason :)

Debra Kay said...

I love gadgets. I love the idea of having the perfect tool for the job, even if it usually doesn't work out. I'm really big on buying AS SEEN ON TV stuff at the thrift store-although if they are cast off, it usually doesn't bode well. For instance the "microwave dehydrator" was a plastic wrack that melted all over whatever I was trying to dehydrate.

I even love the cheese factor in the gadgets. It's such a kitschy our generation thing.

Of course, I love antique gadgets too-but I don't buy any old electric stuff any longer. Too many shorts and kitchen fires from my "ancient blender" phase.

soulbrush said...

what the f...are these? i haven't got a clue, shows i definitely live on the other side of the world...tee hee.

kj said...

this is hilarious...