Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thar she blows

The sky was just the right shade of green and I checked the weather service and sure enough-tornado about 2 miles east of here.....possible tornado. Definite golf ball to baseball size hail. I left the truck under the carport and stayed home-but what a pisser....look at this storm-tiny, easy to maneuver around.....I'm getting lazy in my old age.
I would like to do some chasing this spring, but will plan it so that I don't leave out from here. I am sure that would fall in the category of "things that would upset your mother."


Mim said...

LITTLE??? it looks HUGE!!!! don't upset your friends either - let alone mom.

Great pictures in the previous post. Are earthquakes safer than tornado's?

Debra Kay said...

Well, it's a zoom shot-it was only 40 miles across or so-that's not very big for spring storm.

I've thought a lot about your question; living in Oklahoma and driving to California that is going to fall into the ocean every year as a child, it crossed my mind on its own and was a topic of great debate each year.

A tornado has some warning, and you can get underground and survive. An earthquake has no warning, and your survival depends on where you happen to be when it hits. (I was in bed and slept through my big earth quake experience). Being at the dead center of either one would not likely be a healthy place to end up.

Okies like to believe that with warning, they can survive. Californians like to believe the odds of them being in the right place are in their favor. I tend to believe if it's your time to go, you're gone no matter what and if not, what a cool experience!

Storms fascinate me because I was so terrified of them as a child. But as with anything in this world, lose your respect for them and they can kill you and it would be your own stupid fault!

Hah, if I die in a earthquake can my tombstone read "it wasn't MY fault?"

sukipoet said...

Maybe it's not lazy. Maybe it's sensible. Wasnt there a movie about a woman or someone who chased tornadoes? They scare the heck out of me.

Debra Kay said...

There was-with Helen Hunt. I got to interview the scientist the movie used as a consultant-and he was much prettier than Bill Paxton....wheeeeeeee. Sometimes real life is even better than fiction. It was funny because I was not prepared for him to be so dang handsome, and it was a terrible distraction. I coped.

Michele said...

While they scare the crap out of me, I still love storms. I always get so excited when I think one is headed our way : )