Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random News

1. Oliver the parrot stepped up twice today!!!!! Stepping up is a big deal-it's the first step to moving around to other perches-we were both so excited! I've learned a lot working with him, he's teaching me as I teach him-we are both learning to trust each other. Liking each other was immediate-he came up to me at the store and we liked each other on the spot-trusting has taken a bit longer, and work on both our parts.

2. After spending years driving up and down I:35 between OKC and Dallas with one eye out for box turtles, a lovely little girl came waltzing into my front yard yesterday. She knows people and food, and I hope she wasn't a classroom pet set free.

3. I found a chaise lounge at Walmart for 39 bucks. I wanted it for the backyard, which is dog territory, so I didn't want to spend a lot. When I told mom (shopping news she wants to hear) and she began to grouse (she has to have benches already...why....)I gently cut her off and said "well, I didn't have a chaise lounge and I wanted one."

4. I knew better than to tell her about the pillow and beach towel I got as well.

5. I finally got cable installed-long story, not really interesting-just something I had to work through. So, I'll get to see the Meerkat Manor Movie and I'm ready for shark week. (There was no doubt in my mind I would be).

6. I may have the front of the garage made into an office-sort of the old garage beauty shop concept without the sink. Or I may install the heater on the sunporch. Heating the room in the winter could be costly, but so is adding on another room, which I will have to heat as well. Neither room would boast a spectacular view, but the sunporch overlooks the backyard and I can watch the dogs sit on my chaise lounge LOL.

7. Even though I don't "work" I declared a holiday weekend, and my head and heart are really really enjoying it. I think I needed it and I needed to learn to "get away" while staying home. I just can't run off to Mexico any more like I used to-a thousand years (three or four) ago.

8. I am taking Mom and Dad to Louisiana next week-the horse races. We'll do things "we always do....." (arrrrrrgh).

9. In July I'm going to Sarasota to see Sue, Jay, Maya, Hannah and all the kiddos (including a new parrot...wooooo hoooo!!!!) Sue and I are going to get some tattoo work done-it's always fun with a friend.

10. I'm slowly getting that it all doesn't work out forever after in a day. It sort of just unfolds.


BBC said...

I found a chaise lounge at Walmart for 39 bucks.

I found a double reclining love seat on Yahoo Freecycle. Shoot, I haven't bought any furniture for years.

I am taking Mom and Dad to Louisiana next week-the horse races.

*rolls eyes* That is just a way to mistreat horses while pretending to care about them so they can enjoy a stupid sport.

Not that I have much use for horses, but still, that is no way to treat them.

Mim said...

Hmmm....Tattoos in Sarasota - awesome!

BBC said...

Tats are a rip off. Do you know where most of them learn that trade? In prison, and they want to charge you 50 to 75 bucks an hour to put a tat on you? What a scam. Hello? I did my tat myself.

Just ask if he/she is licensed and bonded and insured. Or if anything that goes wrong will be your fault.

Whatever, but what else would the cost of a tat buy you? Hey, just asking, but would a 50 dollar tat feed 2000 people for a day?

Yes, but I guess there is no point in dwelling on that as long the tat looks nice.

Well, I'm no saint either, but I do send checks to others to help keep them alive. I'm more interested in keeping humans alive than I am animals.

Anonymous said...

Well done Oliver!!!

studio lolo said...

Go Oliver!!!

When the dogs get all comfy on your new chaise lounge, make sure you post it on Poidogz so I can giggle :)

It's fun to read BBC's rants. I made one itty-bitty comment one day and he went off on me and told me to chill out. Hmmm. Who needs chillin' now? And I mean that in the nicest way :P

BBC said...

Yeah, I do get on some rants as I try to get us to grow up. :-)

Crap, the world doesn't need anymore people like I was when I was younger.

Anyway, high speed internet is great even though I don't like paying the price.

Debra Kay said...

LOL-BBC you crack me up. Don't tell me how to spend my own money, or bag on me for not doing enough to save the world. You have no idea what I do and what it takes to keep me going.

As for the horses, yeah, I AM a fan of horses, and I dislike horse racing in general. However, my 80 something father and my 70 something mother both enjoy it, it's something they've "always done" and something we can do together. It's fucking TOUGH to find things we have in common and can enjoy for an entire weekend. Those horses are going to run whether or not we are there or not (lame ass excuse I know) but if I could command the world and commission a horse race just for my parents, you bet I would.

Responsiblility begins at home. Be responsible for your loved ones, take good care of them (don't make more if you can't afford them dammit).

Somewhere in this blog is my rant against Freecycle. I know, it just takes a few greedy people to muck up a really good idea, but I am so OVER Freecycle...LOL.

Michele said...

Wow, who knew so many could get so worked up about an update? : ) Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday I mean Tuesday. I'm back from Arkansas and so happy to be sleeping in my own bed and not stuck in a car for 7 hours.

Forever Young said...

i haven't visited blogs for days, but i am so glad to see some positivity in your post, and enjoy hearing about ollie, mom and dad, toroises, and especially tats. i will also have another one this summer, but never as big as yours, ouch! hugs.