Friday, May 30, 2008

Off to the races

I may take my computer, I may not. It's really 8 the night before I leave and far too early to think about that.

I'm learning that trips, while enjoyable, are stressful for my parents, so I have to go into road mode the day before. They are still scampering around trying to make sure every contingency is covered for the running of the entire world while they are gone, as if leaving the driveway surrenders the last bit of control. So, in order not to go crazy, I just go into road mode the day before-what will be will be.

What was on Thursday was a tragedy of epic proportions-Mom's FREEZER went out. The loss of ALL her leftovers was looming and even I didn't make fun of it. It would be like someone making fun of me losing a snake-some things are just important to people, and if you love that person, you respect it.

So I loaded up my small freezer which was unfilled and turned off, pending the bounty of the gardens to come....and took it down on a hand truck. I was very proud of myself hauling the freezer down, for once it was good to be me-I was handy to have around. And strangely enough, I wasn't even smug, just glad I had the freezer and glad to help.

Mom and I visited Uncle John. He doesn't talk much any more and his face has settled into the Parkinson's mask. Mom gets so nervous around him. I try to think up ways to draw him out, get a little spark, without seeming to be trying to do just that.

Mom had a cup of coffee on the table. He reached for it and she held on to it, saying "John, that's hot coffee, can I get you something to drink?" He said "No, I just wondered why there was a pile of bananas on the table." Later, when we left Mom said "Do you know John thought my hand was a pile of bananas?" My heart kind of twinged, not really sure if any of us knew what really happened.

But really, anyone who thinks they KNOW is probably more delusional than those of us who know we don't.


human being said...

whenever i come and read you, i feel more powerful... i see you not only tolerating but also finding wise solutions for the problems looming in front of you...
you are praiseworthy

thaks again for your fabulous poem on my blog... as i wrote for you there, it was what my disturbed mind needed... sometimes no answer but just understanding words are of greatest help.
lots of love and a big hug.

Mim said...

Have a good trip friend....

BBC said...

Having been in 28 states and a good part of Canada in an 18 wheeler and always in road mode I got sick and tired of all that and don't go anywhere now other than if I have too, or to a beach or camping.

My Uncle John, my favorite uncle, was still as sharp as a tack when he died, but he was only about 66.

Personally, I can't wait for complete senility, then others road trips won't bother me. :-)

Be careful out there, any thing can happen and you may not make it back to the snakes. I know, you are sure that you will, a lot of dead people went on trips thinking they would return.

Michele said...

Ahh, the road trip. We just got back from a whirlwind visit to Arkansas. 7 hour drive on Friday. 7 hour drive back on Sunday. It was crazy fast but it's done until we have to go again in December : ) Enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Debra Kay said...

We all had a great time! I really want to go on a solo grand tour-but I'd like to take more time than I have right now-so maybe later.