Saturday, May 10, 2008

Go Away!

I was at a complete loss today for words. I went to Sears to look at dishwashers (mine died) and I had already researched, knew what I wanted, needed, etc. but the poor sales lady had never heard of an 18" spacemaker dishwasher and was convinced I needed to remodel my entire kitchen.

I tried to be nice, I said Ok,and walked off, then snuck back later to flip through the catalogues and specifications to get some pricing info. She snuck up on me and said "Now you are just going to have to cut a bigger space-they don't make dishwasher to fit that space....." and I opened my mouth to say "I already have one that fits the space" but what came out was "Go Away".

She's just a hard working lady who is trying to make a living, but no one is going to be paid a salary to argue with me about things they don't know the first thing about when my mother is willing to do it for free.


Mim said...

This is the reason I hate Sears - their salespeople. I had a lady chase me thru the store last year, and chastise me for not buying what she wanted me to buy. I had to be rude as all get out to get her away from me!
Did you end up finding what you needed? (not really a philosophical question - just a practical question)

Debra Kay said...

No, not really, although I got some really good practice in not losing my temper too badly, pushing forward to home depot and then deciding it just wasn't a good day to buy a dishwasher!

The irony is that there are at least two stores full of salespeople whining about the economy and poor sales and all anyone had to do was show me a catalogue and I would have pointed, ordered installation and probably bought something cool to wash in my new dishwasher.

But in Oklahoma, most appliance decisions are "joint decisions" so I wasn't pegged as a deal closer but a window shopper. Too bad for them I guess.

kj said...

hahaha debra kay! you write this just perfectly, no words to spare.

i hope you find your skinny dishwasher.


Michele said...

I hate it when sales people act that way. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me and then I go home, search the Internet and find out they were lying to me. Sort of like that stupid situation with the Washington Post and Stacey Palosky. Only I guess she doesn't count at a sales person but you get the idea.