Sunday, May 18, 2008


Thinking about a Hopper post and what I wrote.


Messy things really, who needs them
We all do.
Get in the way of real work
Or ARE they the real work?

Lolly gag, dreamer, wasting your time
Or is it?
What good does it do, what does it produce
Maybe a real human being.

I'm going to drink my tea
And then go cut my grass
But not chastise myself for letting the grass get long
In the first place.

Did the growing grass hurt anyone?
I doubt it.
Did I help anyone by crying on the patio?
Maybe I helped myself.

I want to be more than mower of grass
or a counter of coins
or an enforcer of "LAWS"
And that just takes time of its own.

Better to have tall grass and a full heart
Than a close cropped lawn and an empty shell.
Better for me anyway
You choose what it best for you.


BBC said...

If you didn't have emotions your life would seem like a bowl of gray soup to you. It would pretty not have any meaning at all.

So.... Honor all of your emotions, pain in the butt that some of them may be.

Just try to deal with all of them in the right ways.

Hopper said...

For once I agree with BBC... there is a reason that we feel as we do... more than just that we're sapps... we are human and we feel what we feel... we don't have to choose those things... they just are... I write about lots of different topics all the time but I'm drawn back (at least in the writing that I do just for me, and well, for all of my friends in blogland) to the theme of love... I just can't help that... it's a subject matter that matters... why should we talk about nice flowery things if we feel crappy... why should we talk about filth when we feel good... should our audience matter when we choose to write... do we need an audience at all...

for the most part, I think that I'd write what I write even if no one was reading it... it's for me... an exploration of self that has value in and of itself...

BBC keeps asking what value there is in poetry and word and I can't find a way to tell him that if I had to explain it wouldn't mean anything anyways...

in the end I don't think that the girl I pine for will come back to me... I don't think that it will all work out in the end... and that's OK... I'm not doing all this writing for that reason... I'm doing it because it's real... it's what I feel... and I'm sick of hiding my true self in couches of deep fiction... I have no deception or rationalization left in me (the only two traits that are truly human)... I love what I love...

thanks for being a reader... hope these words find you well...


Debra Kay said...

That the two of you would agree on something is probably why we put this out there in the first place-so that people can find it and react to it however they may, often in surprising ways.

Forever Young said...

yup, you've got the goods...every bit as good a poet as hub, blessings to you friend.

human being said...

touching... really touching and deep... both your beautiful poem and the comments...
how blessed i am to read such things... full of beauty and truth...
writing is so sacred... closely related to our emotions and heart...
it's a savior... for me it has been so... since childhood...