Saturday, May 3, 2008


Oh the spring
and the wind
and maybe the sun

To see light dance the water
and the sand
and maybe the kelp beds

The water on my skin
Sun on my face
will have to wait

The calls of distant places
do not torment
they comfort me

The sea whispers
I am here
and always will be


Teri C said...

Oh gee, I didn't know you were in OK City! We do pass that way on the tollway. Meeting up sounds great...that is if I can get DH to stop :) Doing almost 2000 miles in 3 days would test the devils patience. We will be back that way in Oct sometime.

BBC said...

I go to the sea a lot, but I live right near it. Don't go out on it a lot though, it can get angry fast and bounce my 32 foot boat around a lot.


human being said...


'The calls of distant places
do not torment
they comfort me'

this is a great state of mind... so soothing... a remedy for a restless mind...

Honour said...

hmmmm... i have heard those calls too ... for many years. Not right now, though :) but your poetic description makes it quite appealing ... almost like coming home. (yes, I'm comfortable being restless)

Forever Young said...

the sea whispers
it calls to me
in grimy london
where i have to be!

maybe one day
before too long
i'll see it again
and hear its song!