Saturday, May 3, 2008


I like fences, especially ones that have been around long enough not to be perfect. A person or a fence, untouched by time and gravity and experience is probably not very interesting.


Forever Young said...

i am learning a lot about you today, fences and poi... i must say i like old signposts more than fences...because fences keep us out but also keep things IN...give us some more random facts please.

BBC said...

My property used to be a recycling business, this is basically a commercial zone even though there are a few homes in it.

My east and north fences are ugly 8 foot tall fences of corrugated tin roofing, but they sure provide lots of privacy. Maybe I will paint them someday.

The south and west side fences are 6 foot high chain link. Not pretty, but functional for keeping others out. There is no fence between Helen's place and mine because it was her husband that owned the business. He died about ten years ago so I take care of her home and needs. She is 85 and wants to die there if she can.

Her place is willed to Friends of Animals as her only son died about five years ago and she has no one else. Well, other than me.

If it wasn't for some angry people on this planet it would be an even bigger mess than it is now. Try to be thankful for the right angry people at times.

Debra Kay said...

Ok FY-I have a couple of stuffed animals hung by their necks in the backyard (dog toys on demand).

BBC-anger is good until it turns into frustration-then it becomes directed inward. Remember to take care of yourself too, that's all I'm saying.

Mim said...

I love worn out, useful, fences. I don't see them as barriers, just useful demarkations.