Monday, May 26, 2008

Cactus Monday

It's really now Tuesday, but as a former accountant, I backdated things all the time. In no particular order, a shot of Frankencactus and his friends (that's a bird nest I found next to the cactus bowl), the cover and page 1 of my "Cactus Monday" matchbook.


Teri C said...

You need to re-name that frankenbeautycactus It is really pretty. Neat nest too.

Cactus Monday match book? hmm, interesting.

Happy Cactus Monday on Tuesday. I like the way you think. Never too late to backdate something.

Forever Young said...

I love the nest next to the cactus, that is so perfect!!!!!
and a book too, you've got style girl! happy cactus monday (on wednesday, oops).better late than never!

Debra Kay said...

Little Frankie got his own page in the book too...he seems happier with friends instead of stuck in a box at Walmart.