Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dreams and Schemes

My dream is dusty, but it's mine
Tarnished and tattered
Tossed from time to time.

My story is not always light
Nor constantly filled with woe
There is no end in sight.

Milestones are for marking progress
Life comes in between
Therein lies success.

My god, this three line form is hard to write. I mean painfully hard to get an idea out in this format. It's awkward and unpleasant, but I'm sure I grew some extra synapses trying to do it.


studio lolo said...

I just watched a PBS show called "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life." He said we make new neurons every time we use our brains, so yes, I agree this poem gave you more brain power! It's also very nice.

human being said...

wow wow wow
so true... so beautiful...
you are really wise, Debra.
you poems always touch me both in the heart and in the mind...

Life comes in between
Therein lies success...

yes i really do believe in this...
i wrote for Bobbb i felt the path was more important than the destination...