Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look at Mah Tamaters

It's official, I gots some tamaters.
Last night (Monday night) lightening blew out the electricity for several hours...yet another way to be without power. I just laughed out loud in the dark and said "well I'll be damned...."

I read on someone else's blog that blue flowers are rare. It's a pity, they are pretty. These are in one of the front flower beds.

These are some hot peppers I'm growing for Mr. Oliver the Very Spoiled Parrot.

I'm feeling very random, which is an improvement over yesterday where I felt like complete and utter shit (tummy ache). But, I'm trying to put some goodness out there, even if it's only random.


Mim said...

I'm catching it!

BBC said...

I'm impressed, it's damn hard to grow tamaters here and they sure aren't that size this early in the year.

Good job....

BBC said...

Somewhere in this blog is my rant against Freecycle. I know, it just takes a few greedy people to muck up a really good idea, but I am so OVER Freecycle...LOL.

Yes, I know what you mean, and I got on one greedy and picky lady that thought Freecycle was her Walmart.

I don't know how it is there but all in all it's working out pretty well here and I move a lot of things through it, as well as find some needed things on it.

The moderator of our group is pretty picky and doesn't approve a lot of requests, I suppose that helps?

kj said...

hello debra kay, you know i just love seeing pictures of the garden. you are way ahead of me--i'll have tomatoes in august.

i'm still rooting for you!!

Forever Young said...

the taste of homegrown tams are devine....any hg vegies actually. oliver eats peppers,ouch!
random, now that's an interesting way to feel, i've got a headache today, so no randomness for me. HAW.how about a photo of oliver the parrot for Animal Wednesday? would love to see him again.

Debra Kay said...

We had a shortage of tomatos last year-had to buy some store bought ones, so Mom and I are planting every available space and trying out all kinds of varieties.

My squash is doing well too, and all the herbs to make salsa. I did plant to early though, so did Mom-we were just so sick of winter.

Anonymous said...