Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tricks and Treats

My treat-I've lost another 13 pounds. My trick-well, my truck isn't ready yet. I had a lot of blood work done to see if I have arthritis or some other immunosuprressive thing-a-mabob; or rather I will as soon as I fast and offer up a vein. I DID get a prescription for liquid Prozac-so Yay! for that. Or Yay as soon as I get it filled-looks like one more morning of Prozac Shots. Breakfast of champions.

Now, really and honestly, I should be grateful to have insurance and the ability to have all these wonderful things addressed. But I'd trade it all for boundless energy and a perfect body.

Worse, the result may just be that I'm middle aged, things start to ache a bit. How dreary.


Forever Young said...

hey, i'm a prozac puss and proud of it. wouldn't be able to cope without my 20mg a day. lotsa aches and pains, lotsa doctor's appointments, but still going strong,trying to smile and have fun. life can be very good sometimes. welcome prozac puss.

Forever Young said...

hey well done on that lost 13 lbs, wish i could do that. you go girl!

Michele said...

I'm only telling you this because I know I need to do it myself ... try some light yoga. I really do believe in Yoga's power to heal our aches and pains ... now actually making myself do it, that's another story.

Debra Kay said...

Yoga is a good idea. I believe the water aerobic has helped too.

I really don't mind my prozac at all (except when it makes me puke). If I had lots of time and lots of money and someone to take care of me, I'd give talk therapy a good go. But I don't.

And, much like the lap band, the prozac doesn't work unless you continue to dig and to probe and resolve. Sadly, there is no easy out.

Perriette said...

Oh so dreary, indeed.

Congrats on the 13lbs!