Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wishing for Ordinary

My horoscope today reads "your thoughts and opinions of will be seen by others as out of the ordinary-hold to your convictions." Well shit. Some days I'd like to be just like everyone else, really. Well, not REALLY.

But it would be much easier. I pretty much try to go with the flow unless it's absolutely necessary, but it seems like even floating down the daily river can set me apart. Yesterday I was "different" in water aerobics cause I wore shorts to the class. Not IN the class. But three people commented on the fact that I had shorts intead of sweats covering my suit.

"Why aren't you cold?"

What kind of dumbass question is THAT?

"Maybe because I'm fat."

"I'm cold, and I'm fat."

I resisted the impulse to say "Maybe because I'm young." I should get points for restraint, don't you think?


Michele said...

Just as I parked at the grocery store last week, a lady, who was parked beside me, unloaded her groceries and left the car exactly where it was as she walked to get into her car. The cart, of course, came rolling down the hill towards my car and as I jumped from my car to try to save it from a crumpling, I yelled something like "oh no." The cart crashed into my car and the lady, who finally noticed the mess she had caused asked if my car was hurt. I was furious at her. I turned, looked directly at her and with a smile I said, "no, it wasn't hurt but perhaps in the future you should consider making the extra effort and putting your cart back in the store so this doesn't happen again." And I walked off. Darn, it felt good. I didn't feel bad for telling her what I thought because I did it was a smile. It's worth a try : )

Forever Young said...

you're my kinda girl, striving and searching and growing all the time. i don't fit either, but i quite like that!

Debra Kay said...

You both rock!