Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weird Girl Recipe Poached Egg in Miso Soup

Well, that'd basically it-boil some water, put in some miso soup mix, get it rolling and dump in a couple eggs. Not suprisingly, it tastes like a cross between miso and egg drop soup, but with the two egg thing going on it makes the soup a hearty meal.

Later on this week I'm going to dump an egg into hot poi and see what happens. This may be a whole new one dish culinary phase for me-dumping eggs into hot semi liquids.

I may also dump an egg into some hot corn soup-yum.

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Prozacville said...

Eggs dumped in soup somehow raises them to a whole new level. I like making a minestrone, with noodles and then just before serving letting an egg gently poach in the liquids. Very, very tasty.