Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No Map today

In the first 10 minutes I realized today was not going to be organized or in anyway the way I planned it. My snakes were arriving, John is losing weight, Mom is worried I won't get my paper signed for water aerobics class.....aaaagh. So, I tried to impose order-called John's Dr., headed out for the airport.

Will Rogers airport manages to be small and confusing at the same time. I got my exercise by abandoning the car and walking. Found Delta. Plane was late. What to do?

Get thee to a Starbucks. Time for liquid nutrition. Caffiene. Order from chaos. Checked the dogs, check. Visited with Mom and Dad....check. Picked up the snakes-check.

I'm letting the day decide for me what's next. Obviously I have to get the snakes settled. When I went in to the snake room, Bette was out of her enclosure again, sleeping on the top of it like a big old Snoopy dog. At that point, I just stop and took a picture. What else is there to do?

On some days, sucess is defined is making it through the day with some humour and by accomplishing something, whether or not it was what you planned to accomplish.

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