Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Social Anxiety Disorder

If my Mom were in to shrinks, she'd be diagnosed with it for sure. We had a mom/daughter shopping trip today and she said flat out "I don't like to eat at new places-what if they don't have anything that I like?" But it felt (to me) like fear when she said it.

I know a lot of people feel that way-especially about EATING OUT. Well, what if they don't have anything you like? You'll order something, eat a bit, decide you don't like it and one lunch out of your life will not be the best lunch ever. So what?

I steered away from Taco Bueno and went to Subway next door since today was not an adventuresome day for Mom. She was doing a bang up job of not howling about how much I spent and trying not to be too nosey, so such efforts should be rewarded with a lovely and comforting veggie delight.

When does a problem cease to be a problem and just become a way of life? Mom is mid 70's and will not be working any time soon and I live two houses down and make sure she gets out enough and stays in touch with friends. So, with no Paxil and no psychotherapy, she has worked herself into a position where she can live with SAD and still thrive, more or less.

We actually had a nice day, because neither one of us tried to change the other. Maybe we should try more of that.


Forever Young said...

your mom needs you to be there for her, and although it must be so hard for you some days, you are an angel for doing what you do. wish i had a daughter like you.

Debra Kay said...

That's sweet-but you wouldn't have said it about 20 years ago-I was a hellion. I still am, but the good thing is, I use my hellish powers for good.

Michele said...

Ahhh, a day where no one tries to change anyone. How nice. Maybe I'll try that today.

Forever Young said...

we were all hellions 20 years ago!

Debra Kay said...

I miss being a hellion sometimes.