Monday, October 15, 2007

New Ideas

So yesterday instead of waking up to the litany of all I had to do, and I can think of about 7 months worth of work in a few minutes, I decided on 3 things to accomplish, based on the greasy wheel theory. I have no idea how I settled on three.

Today my three things are fix JOhn's TV, pay the bills and go to Water Aerobics. Those set the framework for my day. We'll see how it goes.

Mondays are really hard for me, and I don't work outside the home at the moment. But after 40 years of hating Mondays (I must have started young) it's just habit.

I'm also busy segrating the house into areas-a writing area a TV watching area, a bill paying area. No it doesn't look like one of those home improvement shows, it's just moving the clutter into distinct piles in distinct places as I try to get a handle on things.

So far the brave thing number three hasn't been difficult, just a little irritating. And I did put a magazine in my grocery buggy when I have unread books. BUT, I read the entire thing last night. All right, it was a gossip magazine, there I said it. Junk food for the brain.

Time to migrate from the writing area (the sunroom, which is a bit chilly) and move to the dog feeding area (the kitchen) and thence to the bill paying area-front room. That probably needs to migrate a bit, but right now that's where I set up my command center.

I really did have some aha moments this weekend, but after acoomplishing a few tasks I think I'll be better able to reflect upon them.

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