Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still Working on Brave Thing Number Three

I have a lot to own it seems like. One of the things I'm sorting through is what I want to keep of my "old life" in Dallas vs. my "new life" in OKC. Seems the move to OKC didn't increase my hours in a day allotment to anything over 24. And this new idea of health eats up hours-for things like regular sleep, meals, exercise. AAAGH.

I added some social needs on to that-I've been getting out a bit lately with new friends. Yeah me. Added exercise, morning coffee with Mom and Dad on a daily basis and yes-a new habit-reading the paper. Seems the internet is not big in OKC and if I want to get a feel for the city I need to connect in some way.

With the weather changing I'm going to have to get Uncle John suited up for winter. He doesn't do well in the cold and he doesn't like heavy coats, so that is going to be a looooooong shopping trip. This afternoon we are off to the neurologist, but afterward we'll have a nice dinner. I like to end such tasks on a high note.

I'm putting on my gameface for the doctor visit, because they usually require my best, most unblinking don't look away self. My job is to face what John can't, and make the best decision possible for him. His Parkinson's is kicking up big team lately. I'm always torn between just letting him go (mentally) and not being willing to let him go. I still believe he has good days left, and every one of those good days is a day worth fighting for.

For those of us who still have good days, being in touch with someone whose days are limited can be a powerful way of appreciating what you do have.


Perriette said...

I find it very hard to let go. You are right, everyday is precious. Enjoy while you can.

Debra Kay said...

We had a nice Dr. visit and a lovely Mexican dinner. They've come out with a new Parkinson's patch, let's hope it works.