Thursday, November 1, 2007

Brave Thing Number 4 Question Authority

The trailer sympbolizes it, but buying a trailer isn't very brave. Unless you really don't know a whole lot about trailers and have a couple of people nearby telling you how much you don't know about trailers. But Brave Thing Number 4 is "Do It Anyway".

Now, I'm not advocating rash behavior, but I checked out on all the moving parts of the trailer, I have a manual, I have friends I can ask. No one came into this world knowing how to drive/own a travel trailer, and if they can learn, so can I.

This of course has me thinking about horses and lots of others things I've been told I don't need to/can't/shouldn't do. I'm also going to finish up the two books I'm reading (remember Brave thing Number 3) so I can buy Travel's With Charlie and relive that particular dream. And who knows? I'm not saying anything, other than "who knows"?

At 46, 47 in a very few days, I actually thought I would BE the Authority by now. Apparently that isn't the case.

So, what's different? Well, I'm not mad or defense about the trailer. Once the Oh shit, what have I done wore off, I'm pretty happy about it, and I don't disguise it. And, it freaking matches my truck. Yes, it has a navy blue stripe on it. Tres Chic! And electric breaks, which I know how to operate. COOL.

In fact, one of the techs said "you have a nice looking rig.". Oh yeah baby, I have a rig now.

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Perriette said...

There is a book called "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!". Haven't read it myself but maybe should.

You might have an inner rebellion towards authority, I know I do. I don't think I'll ever grow-up.

I think it is great that you got your trailer, even though I don't know what you are going to use it for. Now how about some artwork?!