Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why do I do it?

Right now, blogging is the one thing I am consistent at. I suppose that's why I continue to do it. Sometimes, as I work through phrasing, I actually come up with an idea or insight that proves helpful. Today, however, my mind is not fertile ground.

I read somewhere that you should write whether you feel like it or not. Blogging makes it seem a little less like a tree falling in a forest that no one hears. It's my way of saying, yep, it's Sunday, I'm awake, I'm alive. Anyone? Anyone?

Oklahoma has to be the windiest place on the planet. I'd forgotten that part.

Today's task is to go find some boots/shoes with a low heel. Tomorrow I'm taking a riding lesson and one must be properly attired. I've got some horsey things coming up and I need to brush up a bit so I don't embarrass or cripple myself. So I'm taking a basic lesson and then I intend to go out to the stables once or twice a week and practice.

When you are a kid, it's easy to find someone to go riding with. Adults in Oklahoma who like horses have their own. It's just what they do. And I will have mine too one day. But first I'm going to learn to ride/care for it.

Ironically, horses have less margin for error than one of my reticulated pythons. That is probably something I will keep from Mom-she worries anyway. My very vocal interest in Motorcycles (not entirely fake) has made the horse idea more palatable. They would prefer that I splatter myself within easy driving distance it seems.

Perspective is a funny thing. I consider horse riding not terribly hazardous, based on the speed I ride (slow) and the height (not nearly as high as sky diving). Some people would disagree. Who knows? The shadow might, but I don't.


Michele said...

If I lived there, I would totally ride with you. I've never ridden a horse and have always wanted to learn. It's one of those things that is on my big list of To Dos.

Debra Kay said...

I've never ridden properly (and probably won't start now either) but I can ride well enough to go on a trail, etc. I can't believe you've never ridden a horse!

Forever Young said...

i'm terrified of horses, i like to be on terra firma and in total control of my own body.

Debra Kay said...

Well, you are still in control of your own body it's just the horse's body that can be problematic.