Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok, it isn't my "situation", it isn't lack of Prozac, it's the stupid treacherous hormones that are bringing me down down down. Down like a frozen turd dropped from an aeroplane. Splat-only the splat never comes, I just keep falling falling and having wave after wave of hot flashes.

Hormones and I have never gotten along. They basically caused my ovaries and uterus to kind of explode or something-and now I am a slave to the bottle of pills. I've been on the natural form now for a month or so, and horses, I'm sorry, but I got to have your pee. (Premarin). Or something.

Such is my state I'm sitting here with pounding heart and shaking hands moaning to myself that my doctors appointment isn't until next Tuesday and I can't function now.....when a sudden image of the premarin bottle flashed in my mind. Wait, I have insurance, I HAVE a script, good lord, I have half a bottle of premarin.

So, I took two. Placebo effect kicked in immediately, I felt better. Yes, I have pills and a plan. Another image flashes in my mind-you know how those blood crazed vampires suck their victims to dust? My very cells are probably shredding up those hapless pills now. With no reproductive organs to speak of, what exactly is reaching out to devour the Estrogen? Frankly, I don't know and I don't care, just get that good stuff in my bloodstream NOW.


Michele said...

Oh my, this doesn't sound good. I'm glad you had the pills handy. Otherwise, who knows what you might have done. I'd be hearing about you on the news tonight. Lady in Oklahoma holds up a pharmacy with pack of wild, barking dogs : )

Debra Kay said...

That's pretty much how it would be too. It will take a few days to get enough in my system, but life is looking up. Still a pile of issues, but now I feel like I can deal with them again.

Forever Young said...

ohmigod, when those 'whores start moaning' then watch out. they dominated my life, they caused divorce, attempted suicide, many hasty escapes and pure unadulterated horrors in my life....but as I approach 60,plus prozac, they have taken a back seat in my world and i can see the future.
don't know your age, but 'hang in there' debs, it will get better. promise!

Debra Kay said...

They take a backseat only when I take the little purple pill-not prilosec but premarin.

Mim said...

I am going to try to get on this little pill also. I've tried the natural, am doing prometrium now. Hot flashes suck! I want real drugs. I hear that antidepressants can help but my dr wants to "try other things first". Perhaps if I reach across the table and throttle her - she may get more agressive with treatment.