Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today is the last day of my five day protein drink/juice fast for "back to basics" and I think I did get some enlightenment. Five days of any behavior isn't going to make lasting change, but what it did do was give me a health goal that I could accomplish right now, this very week. And I really needed it now.

What's funny, is that many people assumed I was "struggling" with eating and that's why I went back to basics. That was not the case, I just wanted to do the exercise. Kind of like extra credit in a tough class. I always did those too.

Even though the movies favor big WOW moments with a full orchestra, most of life's accomplishments are bits and pieces of little things that add up for better or worse.


Mim said...

Love your bowling ball comment - I can just picture this, with black and blue and red bowling balls. wow!

Debra Kay said...

Yes. Of course my REAL bowling ball is a purple garfield bowling ball-I love it.

Michele said...

You over-achiever you. I'll be you have imposter syndrome : )

Prozacville said...

bits and pieces of little things that add up for better or worse

That pretty much sums it all up for me. Thank you. Nighty-night.