Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blow on with yer bad self

Oklahoma must be the windiest place on the planet. Something to do with the wind comes sweeping down the plains I reckon. Living in the burbs with power lines, the wind has a particular gruesome howl every time it gusts over 30 mph, and it does that quite frequently.

At the present moment the wind is trying to dismantle my very large sycamore tree. It's also rattling my neighbors wooden fence and throwing the leaves around next to my bedroom window.

What's amazing about the Okie winds is that they are so unrelenting. They can sustain a pretty fair windspeed for minutes at a time. When spent, they will die down a bit, long enough to make you believe the worst is over. Then they regroup and start anew.

It's eerie to hear the gusts coming-first the leaves rattle, followed by the main blast and then the shrieking finish through the electrical wires and final splat against the window.


Michele said...

Is it cold there?

Debra Kay said...

It's cold at night, during the day it's not so bad.