Saturday, November 24, 2007

America's Favorite Wild Animal

According to Animal Planet, America's favorite wild animal is the dolphin. Number two was the horse (not technically a wild animal, but hey, it's TV). Three was the hummingbird. Ok.

Others in the top 10 was the panda, the butterfly (is that an animal?) and the rabbit.

Americans clearly like cute and cuddly, we aren't big on predators are we? Or ARE we?

Dolphins are some of the most lethal predators in the sea. They have lots of time to play and leap because they are some of the most successful hunters around. Sometimes bad boy dolphins will attack younger members of other pods, kill them and toss their bodies around in "play".

The only thing Americans like better than cute and cuddly is being decieved by appearances.


Anonymous said...

count me in...

decieved by's my biggest weakness..only in a backwards kind of way, not the cute and cuddly and sparkly way.

Mim said...

You only get to be cute and cuddley if you can survive to that being ruthless. what a world

Forever Young said...

i adore dolphins, sleek and intelligent and so pretty.

Debra Kay said...

You know, some of the most maternal animals are mother crocodiles-they scoop those babies up and carry them down to the water.

I'm not anti dolphin by any means-I really enjoy watching them, reading about them, being with them. But I don't gloss over their predatory skill-actually I admire an animals that is so well adapted it has all that time to play.