Monday, August 3, 2009

Brain Fart

I was trying to form a coherent enough thought for a Monday post, and I decided to see what I said last Monday.  For reference, it was:

Beam Me Up Scotty: Happy Birthday Heather-Wherever you are

Now, that post was heartfelt, and still is.  But it's amazing how the passage of time, events, and the flow of life change one's focus.  I can read the post, and call up and remember the feeling I was having at the time, but I can't have THAT feeling again.  It was a feeling relevant to the day and time.

That's the amazing thing about feelings-they are liquid things-moving and morphing along with life.  The only time they are ever really bad is when people cling to them and don't allow them to move on with the passage of time.

One of my least favorite phrases from songs and general speak is "those old feelings"....what the hell does that mean anyway?  It sounds like a moldy piece of bread you keep in your heart.  Of course, it's usually associated with the contemplation or completion of some stupid act, blamed on "those old feelings".

I like the term "familiar feelings"...that sounds comfy and cozy and sane.  However, none of this has anything to do with the passage of time.  I have retitled my post from "What a Difference a Week Makes" to "Brain Fart" which is more accurate.  I like to call a think what it is.

Happy Monday-Pass all the gas you need to to get by.


Michelle said...

I have been struggling with a relationship that ended 6 months ago..your post helped a bit. I know I just need to honor it's passing and let it move on.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I admire the way you can let your feelings flow across the blog page. It must feel good to get it out there. I am not very good at that.

soulbrush said...

we carry our baggage around with us, and it just gets heavier and heavier.i call mine 'mind fucks' !!!

i have a week off school the very next week after you will be in provincetown, i would've loved to join you and hang out!!! you know i would!

Debra Kay said...

Ah, soul I wish you could join. Maybe we can plan something for next year if it's at all possible?

Debra Kay said...

THING THING I like to call a THING what it is, not think. But think kind of made sense in this context of random thoughts. Hmmm.

studio lolo said...

I call them 'old tapes.' Things that you can't get out of your craw, ya know?

I wouldn't have picked up on your type DK if you hadn't pointed it out :)

Soulbrush, DANG!! I was going to work on her about P-Town.
I think I still will ;)