Friday, August 7, 2009

MMMMM, Shrimp and Trader Joe's

My typical late summer malady has struck-I can't get enough seafood.  The other day, while cracking some crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack, I had an epiphany.  I looked down at the spidery leg in my hand and realized that we, the crab and I, were neither one of us at the coast.  As I popped the meat out of the leg I muttered "I bet you've been frozen."  After more thought, I amended that to "I hope to hell you've been frozen."

Now, here's the thing-I have a freezer too.  So I went to Homeland (after polishing off my crab legs) and stocked up on shrimp and lobster tails and ta daaaaaaaaaaaa Glad Microwave Steamer bags.  Yes-5 minutes from freezer to plate, a nice big old lobster tail for 7 bucks.

And now that I know this, I can't stop.  Shrimp cocktails.  Ceviche. Lobster.....but, not my usual canned.  It's like I've rediscovered seafood.

Right now, I'm tracking and logging food and exercise on the daily plate.  Seafood has a whole buttload of protein, and that's something I struggle with getting enough of.  Problem solved for now.

Then I did a little look up on Cape Cod dining.  I really MUST bring my bike-because it's going to take a few long rides to get off the wonders I saw on the menu.

THEN, well, some of us got to talking about Trader Joe's.  I will for sure be stopping at Hyannis and most likely Nashville too-and I'm down to my last precious jar of Joe's tapenade now-but with Joe's in my future, my fall looks promising.

I am probably going to take my camera into Joe's.  Joe's is like a cult-and my fellow cult members will want to know how the MA. Joe's differs from the Tennessee Joe's and the Fairfield and Mountainview.  I may swing by an Illinois Joe's too-don't know about that just yet, I need room in the car for art supplies, my camera and an extra pair of panties or two.

Wow, the Mustang of Self Deception has a hitch mount on it.....I could, no, wait I'll have my bike on the rack that fits into the hitch mount.  Never mind, AND no one needs that much tapenade any way.


laughingwolf said...

seafood... NOthing like it!

of course, in nova scotia i only get the FRESH stuff...

have fun dining on your choices :)

Julie said...

I love lobster, crab, fresh fish of every type, and CATFISH!!!!! Glad you are loving seafood!!! Nothing better, really...

Mariana Soffer said...

I loved seviche, first time I discovered was in peru, the classical local one made in a small place and serve with this thing called "leche de tigre" which is a kind of lemmon juice mixed with the fish juice

soulbrush said...

i have to force myself to eat fish ( as a protein) as I am not very good about proteins- digesting them).... only will eat salmon these days, the rest smells of dirty 'fannies' sorry but it does!!
can you really digest all that protein? wow! hows our oliver after that scare?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't all the anticipation of a trip almost as much fun as the actual trip. I can feel the excitement building.

studio lolo said...

I ate tons of fresh salmon when we were in Monterey, but now that I'm back in good old New England, man seafood is plentiful once again!
We went out for my Bday last night to The Lobster Pot where I swore I was going to have a boiled lobster, butter running down my chin, etc. We sat on the patio right on the water and watched the sunset. Instead of lobster I had crab cakes, scallops wrapped in bacon, a beet and goat cheese salad and my entree was broiled scrod that melted in my mouth! It was heavenly.
I waddled out though ;P

I'm so looking forward to meeting you and making art in October!!

Michele said...

I just found out that my friend Angie even has a Trader Joe's in St. Louis. What gives. How can St. Louis get a Trader Joes but Dallas doesn't have one? Really? I'm so annoyed. We need a Trader Joes here.